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Dr. Chloe's Associates

Dr. Chloe's associates are available 6 days per week ranging 7AM - 9PM for therapy and coaching by video.

Your out of pocket expense will likely range from $50 - $300 depending on insurance.

Dr. Chloe's Therapy Check-in Program

If you see one of Dr. Chloe’s associate therapists above, you will have the option of check-in calls with Dr. Chloe. The purpose of this call is to check-in with Dr. Chloe to review how your sessions have been going, mark progress, make sure you are on track, and to receive her expertise and guidance in refining goals or adding a fresh perspective if it may be helpful. Based on the call, Dr. Chloe can offer suggestions or ideas to you and to the associate therapist to help keep therapy fresh and engaging.  Therapy can be a challenging yet rewarding journey and one that you do not have to do alone. We find it helps to not only get set up with the right therapist from the beginning, but receive extra support along the way.  The check-in program is totally optional.  You can see an associate therapist and choose whether or not you want check-in calls as you go along.

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