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Coaching is gaining popularity amongst people in many areas because it helps them to stay focused on their goals. Coaching provides support and organization, making work feel more enjoyable and resulting in greater fulfillment and increased success.

Dr. Chloe has extensive experience coaching people in many areas. She has worked with C-level executives in banking, artists who have exhibited in major museums, and graduate as well as undergraduate students. Coaching is a wonderful resource that promotes success and well being.

Who Benefits from Coaching?

Dr. Chloe finds that she is able to successfully coach professionals, students, and artists- though of course the process and goals are different for each group! Click the link below for the type of coaching that you think would be most helpful to you. If you aren’t sure which link to click, or if you have a special, unique need that is not described below, then contact Dr. Chloe to discuss your needs.

Coaching with Dr. Chloe is not appropriate for clients who have a history of thoughts or behaviors to do physical harm to self or others; substance abuse problems; or who emotional struggles so intense that they make basic self-care tasks like leaving the house or holding a job seem very challenging (different from milder issues such as feeling like a ‘homebody’ or being temporarily ‘between jobs’). If you’re struggling with intense problems like these, call 911 if you’re in current danger of doing harm to yourself or others. If you’re not in current danger but would like counseling for issues related to these problems, click here for resources.

Coaching for Professionals


Dr. Chloe works with young professionals as well as seasoned executives. Popular goals include:


  • Implementing information from a performance or 360-degree review: Many professionals schedule with Dr. Chloe with a list of goals created by their management. If your employer has invested the time and energy to create a 360-degree review for you, it generally means that they want to develop your skills. Capitalize on this feedback by working with Dr. Chloe to ensure that you target the areas outlined in your annual performance review.

  • Improving interpersonal and presentation skills: Many professionals feel stuck in the “back of the house” and would like to advance. They benefit from feedback on the way that they communicate to others, as well as how they present themselves. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Chloe has an expert understanding of communication, body language, and interpersonal interactions. Working with Dr. Chloe will help you to build these skills for success.

  • Job searching and interviews: Job searching and interviewing can actually be a process of growth and enjoyment when done in the context of a supportive and focused environment. Working with Dr. Chloe helps you to organize and track your progress. Coaching with Dr. Chloe also creates a space where you can think creatively about your next move, while simultaneously providing accountability as Dr. Chloe follows up on your ideas and efforts as they evolve.

Coaching for Students

Dr. Chloe works with both graduate and undergraduate students.  Popular goals include:

  • Planning for a successful application to graduate school: Many professionals or undergraduate students feel overwhelmed when they confront the maze of graduate school applications. The process entails writing and polishing application essays, obtaining letters of recommendation, managing application deadlines, preparing for interviews, and planning and adhering to a course of study for the GRE, GMAT, or other entrance exam. Having graduated from Ivy League and other elite institutions, Dr. Chloe has firsthand experience understanding the need for support and organization in this process.

  • Creating a Semester of Success: Management, keeping track of assignments and exams, and study or paper-writing work plans so that you will work at a smooth, even pace and turn in your best work so that you can have a successful semester.

  • Balancing Academic and Social Needs: Dr. Chloe will help you to plan for relaxation so that you remain energized and ready to succeed in your academic work. This also includes planning for time off and personal rewards after periods of more intense effort, such as making sure you have holiday tickets booked and can look forward to relaxing with friends or family after exams. Stress management and exercise can also be part of the plan if this is of interest to you.

  • Exploring and Networking: Whether you are a graduate student or an undergraduate, you may need support and encouragement in terms of building professional relationships. This could mean planning to attend your school’s recruiting events for your industry or reaching out to professional contacts to arrange informational interviews. Working with Dr. Chloe will help to make sure you maximize your network for learning and professional development.

Contact Dr. Chloe

To learn more about coaching with Dr. Chloe, click the links for Professionals, Students, or Artists, or call or schedule a consultation.

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