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Therapy and Coaching with Dr. Chloe

Thank you for your interest in therapy or coaching sessions with Dr. Chloe!  Individual sessions with Dr. Chloe are available on a limited basis, for $750 per 45-minutes.  We will submit your receipts to insurance for therapy visits if you have out-of-network benefits and refund any reimbursements you receive.  However, please understand that most insurance policies cap session fees at a rate lower than Dr. Chloe's; so most of the fee is likely to be paid privately.

We understand this fee may be a barrier for most clients. For more affordable options please consider booking with Dr. Chloe's associates and/or using her online resources.

If you would like to move forward and book with Dr. Chloe, please call our office at 212-729-3922 or share your details below.  Thank you!

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