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Stress Management

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Everyone has stress in their lives. Stress is a normal part of living, especially in New York City, but at certain times in your life, stress can take a toll on your health, well being and your general success. Dr. Chloe is an expert at stress management. She will help you sort through issues and find the best ways to move forward.

Chronic Stress

Prolonged periods of stress can adversely affect your physical and mental health. Stress can bring out skin conditions such as eczema, lead to insomnia and memory problems, increase your risk of heart disease, have an impact on diabetes and arthritis and even lead to reduced resistance to colds and flu*.

Working Through Stress and Learning To Cope More Effectively

There are many techniques to deal with stress and the underlying issues that cause stress. If you feel stressed out, you should know that life doesn’t have to be this way. Together you and Dr. Chloe will look into your life to find the sources of your problems and figure out what to change. These things may involve your work, your family and all other areas of your personal life. You will also work on techniques to help you relax. In addition to being a psychologist, Dr. Chloe is an experienced yoga and meditation instructor.

Dr. Chloe has practiced yoga for fifteen years, and has been a certified yoga teacher for nine years. She is a longstanding member of the Yoga Alliance, and was certified by The Yoga Institute in 2001. She also uses techniques learned from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction by Dr. Kabat-Zinn, which is based on ancient healing practices and combines yoga techniques and mindfulness meditation. It is not necessary to practice yoga or meditation, but Dr. Chloe is able to teach these techniques if clients have interest.

Typically, clients who come to Dr. Chloe for stress management are experiencing problems sleeping, difficulty relaxing, or constantly feel as if they just want to unwind but seem to have forgotten how. These clients are typically very busy and ambitious people who work hard and are searching for a sense of tranquility. Dr. Chloe will work with you to learn about sources of stress in your life, as well as ways that you have tried to manage stress in the past. Once she has learned about your personal stressors she will recommend a program to help you de-stress. Clients often benefit from sampling a variety of techniques to find the ones that are most relaxing for them. For example, some clients need support in learning how to structure their day to include stress-relievers such as exercise and time spent in non-work related activity, while other clients are searching for specific tools to help them put their stress aside and enjoy themselves during downtime. Still other clients benefit from guided relaxation therapy to help reduce stress on the spot. Dr. Chloe will work with you to tailor a stress reduction program for your particular needs.

Get Help Today!

Let Dr. Chloe help you work towards inner peace and a less stressful life. To schedule an appointment or to obtain additional information about any of these counseling services, please fill out this form or give us a call. You may also want to consider learning anxiety management skills via Dr. Chloe’s online program for anxiety management.

* Although stress is an important factor in health, people should see their physician to discuss any medical conditions.

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