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Therapy and Coaching Combined

Dr. Chloe provides a unique blend of therapy and coaching services for personal growth and development. Find the support you need here.

TheraCoaching Helps You Reach Your Goals

Many people benefit from Dr. Chloe’s combined therapy and coaching  because as a trained clinical psychologist,  Dr. Chloe understands how to provide supportive encouragement  while monitoring progress and fostering clients’ ability to remain focused on their goals.  As a trained clinician, Dr. Chloe is very well-equipped to address the thought patterns and emotions that are a central part of goal achievement.

TheraCoaching works well for people who have a clear sense of what they want to do, but need some support in creating and adhering to a plan.  Clients benefit most from help with organizing or clarifying goals, breaking goals into objectives, identifying strategies to overcome obstacles, and then being held accountable to achieving the goals.

The coaching goals can be business or personal in nature.  For example, you might use TheraCoaching to carry out a goal of finding a new job or changing careers.  You might also use TheraCoaching to focus on dating and relationship goals, or to carry out a weight loss plan.  When you have a clear goal, TheraCoaching is an invaluable support in achieving it.

How Does TheraCoaching Work?

Phase 1- Clarifying:

Dr. Chloe will meet with you to determine your goals and objectives.  This phase can be as quick as one session if you are already very certain of your goals.  You may also benefit from working with Dr. Chloe to clarify your goals and objectives.

Phase 2- Strategizing:Once the goals and objectives are clear, you and Dr. Chloe will identify obstacles and discuss the best strategies to overcome them.

Phase 3- Achieving:Finally, after considering the goals, objectives, obstacles, and strategies, you and Dr. Chloe will implement a schedule to discuss your progress.  At these progress sessions, you and Dr. Chloe will focus on the steps you are taking towards your goals, and revise the goals or obstacle-strategy as needed.  Progress sessions provide you with motivation, accountability, and  support to reach your goals.

Caveat: The best way to combine therapy and coaching will differ from across various situations, and blending these modalities will not be appropriate for all situations.  To understand what is best for your particular situation, a 1:1 discussion is the best starting point.

Contact Dr. Carmichael

To learn more about coaching with Dr. Carmichael, call or schedule a consultation.

Learn More about Emotions + Goal Attainment

9-Week CBT Anxiety Skills Program

The order in which these skills are presented is individualized to each individual client’s needs and interests. If you would like to learn concrete skills for anxiety management, Dr. Chloe’s 9-week CBT Anxiety Skills Program is for you. The program can be completed during live in-office visits, or by videoconferencing for clients who live far away or are simply too busy for office visits. Dr. Chloe’s 9-week anxiety program gives you the choice to have structured CBT for anxiety in a time-limited, skills-based format. You don’t need to commit to ongoing therapy sessions- 9 weeks is all it takes!

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