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Welcome to the client information page. This page sets out information about becoming a new client of Dr. Chloe’s. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call or email.

Types and Duration of Therapy

Dr. Chloe’s approach to therapy is a combination of the genuine care, empathetic skills, and a non-judgmental pscyhodynamic approach coupled with several evidence based strategies such as meditation techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. The duration of treatment is highly variable and depends on many factors, including the goals you have, your experience with therapy and the challenges we are managing. You may benefit from a number of different therapeutic strategies and techniques. To learn more about this, view the What Happens in Therapy page.

Fees and Insurance

Fees represent payment for Dr. Chloe’s professional knowledge and experience. They also support between-session consultations and outside work done to support the therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Chloe will be happy to check your insurance benefits for you to determine your out-of-network benefits.  Dr. Chloe contracts with a secure, HIPAA-compliant online service which allows her to submit claims directly to your insurance company.  This means that if you have out-of-network benefits, you will likely not even have to send in any paperwork to your insurance company in order to get your reimbursement because Dr. Chloe takes care of submitting the claim on your behalf.  This streamlines the process and makes things much easier for you.

The coaching goals can be business or personal in nature.  For example, you might use TheraCoaching to carry out a goal of finding a new job or changing careers.  You might also use TheraCoaching to focus on dating and relationship goals, or to carry out a weight loss plan.  When you have a clear goal, TheraCoaching is an invaluable support in achieving it.

Click here to share your insurance information and to find out what your benefits are!

The office of Dr. Chloe submits claims to all insurance companies as an out-of-network provider. Dr. Chloe works with clients that have Cigna, Aetna, BCBS, and United, and many other popular insurance carriers.  Many clients are able to get reimbursed the majority of session fees.  We will be happy to look up your policy to determine your coverage.  Click here to share your policy information so that we can look  up your benefits.  For your convenience, please note that the office of Dr. Chloe has an insurance billing specialist who will gladly submit claims on your behalf. She will check your benefits for you in advance of your appointment, so that you will know how much your insurance will cover for your visit, and then she will work to get the money collected from the insurance company. It is only asked that you kindly give enough lead time- usually just 24-48 hours is required.  You will not have to file claims yourself- Dr. Chloe’s office takes care of everything. Dr. Chloe’s office helps to make the process easier for you!

In order to maintain the highest level of care and confidentiality, Dr. Chloe does not accept insurance as an in-network provider.  This is because working directly with insurance companies poses problems to treatment, such as issues related to confidentiality, reduced fees, and the requirement to label the patient with a mental health diagnosis.  Although Dr. Chloe does not accept insurance as an in-network provider, she will gladly submit claims to your insurance company so that you can collect whatever reimbursement is available to you.  When permitted, she will also have the insurance company direct reimbursements directly to her office so that you do not have to wait for the reimbursement. If you would like help determining what your insurance benefits are, please contact Dr. Chloe and she will help you to get this information.

Ready to Get Started?

To find out what kinds of services the office of Dr. Chloe can offer you, share your insurance information here.

You may also schedule a 15-minute phone consultation by clicking here.

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