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Coaching for Students

Dr. Carmichael has extensive experience with coaching for students including graduate and undergraduate students.

Coaching Goals for Students

Popular goals include preparing for graduate exams or applications, balancing an academic workload with external demands such as a job or family, dissertation or thesis coaching, and planning the semester for success. Coaching is also used to support an student’s commitment to work steadily on projects that require persistence over time so that these ongoing projects stay on-track and result in academic success. Dr. Chloe offers support and organization while you build the skills are essential to success for students today. Coaching can be a wonderful asset to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Students say that the support of coaching facilitates focus and increases energy, makes school more enjoyable, and results in improved academic performance.  School is a major investment.  Give yourself the tools to succeed! 

Coaching for Academic Success

Students often come for coaching with goals such as:

  • Planning for a successful application to graduate school: Many professionals or undergraduate students feel overwhelmed when they confront the maze of graduate school applications.  The process entails writing and polishing application essays, obtaining letters of recommendation, managing application deadlines, preparing for interviews, and planning and adhering to a course of study for the GRE, GMAT, or other entrance exam.  Having graduated from Ivy League and other elite institutions, Dr. Chloe has firsthand experience understanding the need for support and organization in this process.

  • Creating a Semester of Success: Academic success hinges upon your ability to prepare and organize for the semester.  Are you the type to procrastinate?  Coaching with Dr. Chloe will keep you on track.  If this is your area of weakness, Dr. Chloe will review your course requirements with you, and then you will work together to plan for success.  This includes time management, keeping track of assignments and exams, and study or paper-writing work plans so that you will work at a smooth, even pace and turn in your best work so that you can have a successful semester.

  • Balancing Academic and Social Needs: Dr. Chloe will help you to plan for relaxation so that you remain energized and ready to succeed in your academic work.  This also includes planning for time off and personal rewards after periods of more intense effort, such as making sure you have holiday tickets booked and can look forward to relaxing with friends or family after exams.   Stress management and exercise can also be part of the plan if this is of interest to you.

  • Exploring and Networking: Whether you are a graduate student or an undergraduate, you may need support and encouragement in terms of building professional relationships.  This could mean planning to attend your school’s recruiting events for your industry or reaching out to professional contacts to arrange informational interviews.  Working with Dr. Chloe will help to make sure you maximize your network for learning and professional development.

The Coaching Process for StudentsEach student is different, but Dr. Chloe has a general structure that helps most students to quickly attain a sense of organization and clarity about their academic path. The process below can be tailored to your needs.

Step one: Setting the goalsMany students arrive with a list of what they would like to achieve. If you are already aware of your goals, Dr. Chloe will help you to attain them. If you would like clarification in determining your goals, Dr. Chloe will be happy to explore them with you. Many students find that a therapeutic setting makes it easy to identify and discuss areas they would like to improve, such as time management and organizational skills, planning for short-term and long-term academic or career goals, and creating as well as adhering to a daily routine that supports these goals.

Step two: Working towards the goalsAfter the goals are set, you will work with Dr. Chloe to attain them. Depending on the goal, this may involve creating plans or schedules designed to improve organization, review and discussion of daily activities to create structure and increase visibility, or exercises to explore your creativity.This process often involves frequent refinement of the goals or discussion of how to overcome obstacles as they arise. Coaching helps you to stay focused and keep setbacks in perspective, while celebrating victories in order to maintain motivation and reinforce positive new habits.This phase can be accomplished during in-person office visits, on the phone, over Skype, or some combination of all these methods. Dr. Chloe recognizes that students have full and busy lives, and she is able to work with your schedule. Dr. Chloe is available for quick phone calls between sessions when clients just need a quick boost or want a sounding board as they implement new strategies that arise from their coaching sessions.

Step three: Rest and re-evaluationMany clients find it helpful to take a period of rest after 2-3 months of coaching. Dr. Chloe encourages this as a way to keep the work feeling fresh and dynamic. After making gains through coaching, it is often helpful to take a month or so and enjoy the benefits of the work you have done. Periods of rest also allow you to gain perspective and begin to think about the next steps you would like to take. When you are ready to return, Dr. Chloe will be there to help again.

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