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Therapy and Coaching by Video

Experience therapy & coaching by video with Dr. Chloe. Find success and support in online sessions with a trusted psychologist.

How do online therapy and coaching sessions happen?

Thanks to secure video platforms, therapy sessions can now be conducted remotely online. Never miss another session again! Whether you are going on vacation, moving away or simply can’t make it into our office, video therapy sessions allow you to continue your therapy or coaching in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

Don’t worry- No need to spend money on additional hardware. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.  Mac & PC are both totally fine.  Dr. Chloe’s reception team will even do a test run with you first if you just want to confirm you’re able to get online and into a video therapy or coaching session.

Clients who succeed at online video therapy or coaching with Dr. Chloe tend to be:

Very busy: Therapy or coaching by video enables clients to save time commuting to and from Dr. Chloe’s office.  Think of video therapy or coaching like your own personal “house call” from Dr. Chloe!  Whether you’re a busy professional, an expatriot living abroad, or a couple who finds it almost impossible to juggle multiple schedules for couples therapy sessions, online video and coaching services offer a world of time saving convenience.

Highly motivated: If you have a video session, you may need to tune out other distractions. On the other hand, some people actually find that they get MORE done in online video therapy or coaching sessions by seeing Dr. Chloe while sitting in their actual home or office environment since that’s where they feel most natural.

Able to create privacy for themselves: Dr. Chloe’s office is a private space where confidentiality is assured. If you have therapy or coaching over video, you will need to ensure that your space gives you appropriate privacy.  We provide a secure video link, but you’ll need to ensure the space around you is private.  If you’re able to be in a quiet and private part of your home, office, or hotel, you may be a good candidate for online video therapy or coaching.

Forward-thinking: Therapy and coaching through online video are growing in popularity.  If you’re someone who is open to new ways of connecting with people, and you’re at least somewhat comfortable with the idea of using your computer or mobile device to communicate with others, you might want to try a session or two of online therapy or coaching.  Many people are pleasantly surprised that the sessions quickly start to feel very natural, almost as if you’re actually sitting together in the same room as your online therapist or coach.  If you often find online services to be convenient ways to get what you want quickly and easily, you may enjoy online video therapy and coaching services.

Discriminating: The growing popularity of online services has created a flood of people who call themselves therapists or coaches posting ads online for their services.  Dr. Chloe Carmichael is truly a gold standard expert in therapy and coaching; and she has extensive experience offering these services online.  In fact US News and World Report published an article written by Dr. Chloe about how to choose an online therapist or coach.   If you’re someone who would like access to a top-notch expert therapist or coach from the convenience of your home or office, Dr. Chloe’s office is for you.

Who uses online therapy or coaching with Dr. Chloe?

People with busy schedules: Consultants who travel frequently, seasoned executives who want to maximize their schedule, and even stressed out moms who have just enough time to squeeze in a session all enjoy the opportunity to be untethered to any particular location.

Expatriots and people living abroad: Online coaching is an excellent way for Americans living abroad to get high quality sessions with someone who is fluent in English as well as American cultural norms.  Sometimes we just need to talk to someone who “gets it” and understands where we’re coming from in terms of culture and conversational style.

People living in parts of the United States where there just aren’t a lot of super high quality therapists and coaches available: Dr. Chloe works with many “ex-New Yorkers” and other people who might describe themselves as a little intense,  highly intelligent, somewhat perfectionist, etc. who live in a part of the United States that feels more “laid back”.  These people yearn for sessions that contain intensity and structure with someone who is driven, goal-oriented, and has gold-standard academic and professional credentials.  They’ve tried their local therapist, but find that the person seems to just “smile and nod” or merely “reflect back” whatever the client has just said.  If you’re looking for sessions that feel like more than glorified small talk that will have a healthy and supportive tone but will also be high on accountability and geared to get you out of your comfort zone, you might want to try a session with Dr. Chloe.

People who want to prioritize therapy during Covid-19 health crisis. With many companies implementing mandatory work from home policies busy individuals are finding themselves with increased time to start prioritizing wellness. Video therapy is a way for these individuals to stay connected and learn skills to manage anxiety related to the Covid-19 outbreak. Once restrictions around social distancing have loosened Dr. Chloe would be happy to supplement these video session with in office therapy sessions.If you would like to learn more about booking an online video therapy or coaching with Dr. Chloe or her team, please contact or call 212-729-3922 to get started.

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