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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection

Dr. Chloe talking about REJECTION SENSITIVITY and how to handle your fear of rejection.

Every one of us has our fair share of rejections; some may handle it pretty well, but some people who have a high level of nervousness struggle to overcome it.

While rejections are feared and even get the best of us at times, the good news is there are ways to overcome them.

Are you ready to put your fear of rejection at bay? Let’s get this going!

First, create a mental highlight reel. Before you go to work, make a mental slideshow of times when you feel loved, appreciated, and accepted. Always get a hold of that highlight reel mentally and replay it when you are starting to feel anxious. This may sound weird for some, but this works wonders as this helps you calm your nervousness.

Second, don’t pre-reject people. People who are afraid of rejection are often aloof. They isolate themselves and hardly give a smile to anyone just because they’re scared of being rejected. Thinking of rejections that are not there will make you end up creating one for yourself. 

Lastly, treat yourself. Spoil yourself with anything after work. It could be a delish dinner, attending a fun event, or anything good to cap your day.

We all have been rejected a point or two in our lives, and we will still come across it along our way. But despite this, may your fear of rejections and the actual rejection itself never stop you from doing the things you love. Instead, may this be your push to strive more and be better.

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