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The Surprising Benefit of Anxiety

Learn about ANXIETY for today's #MentalHealthMinute!

Yes! You read the title right! Whether you’re with me on this or not, I’m sure about this— anxiety is not bad after all. Snap out that negative list you have about anxiety. It’s time to look at the other side of the coin— the good thing that comes out from being anxious.

No matter how hard we try to get rid of our anxieties, the truth is we just can’t. Anxiety is a feeling embedded in us. It doesn’t cherry-pick people who get to be anxious; we simply all do. So hey, if you’ve been or are currently anxious, hear me out. There is good in it. I promise.

What’s good?

Anxiety stimulates preparation behavior.

We might not notice this, but all the adrenaline that anxiety gives us makes us move, think and act quicker. All we need to do is address that energy accordingly and adequately.

Example: You are getting anxious on your first ever date with the woman that you like, instead of pacing back and forth in your room, you can put your adrenaline to much better use— choose your outfit or jot down some topics to talk about.

And if in case you still got that extra energy after the date. Relax, that’s normal. My book, Nervous Energy, gives you straightforward and realistic examples and ways to deal with the extra rush.

We may feel anxious at different paces and extremes, but I hope no matter how you are doing with that feeling, you will never forget that there is good in everything, and so in your anxieties.


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