Resources for Clinicians

Dr. Chloe loves to connect with other clinicians. Since she has gotten so many questions from therapists about what tools she uses, she’s decided to create this page and list some of her favorite resources!


Dr. Chloe has a business associate agreement with Google Enterprises, where we have a HIPPA compliant agreement.

Dr. Chloe has a business associate agreement with MindBody, where we have a HIPPA agreement, to use for online scheduling for appointments.



She utilizes Zoom for video therapy.

Although we are a clinical office, we do a lot of coaching with offices from all over the world! We make it a priority to provide safe and secure online connections for all our clients.

Dr. Chloe's Program

Dr. Chloe knows how hard it can be for therapists to build their own successful practice: it isn’t something taught in graduate programs! Because of this, Dr. Chloe has developed a unique program to help therapists in all stages of starting their own practice. If you are

  • In graduate school

  • Thinking of starting your own practice

  • Already running your own practice but want to take it to the next level

Then Dr. Chloe’s program will be able to help! Fill out the form below and we’ll send you Dr. Chloe’s free e-booklet on how to grow a practice, and some extra free goodies as well!

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