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3 Reasons Why You Should Host a Livestream

Have you tried doing live streams?

There are so many ways you can utilize social media to grow your business and connect with others. The possibilities are endless, but one tool that I love is to do live streams! I do live streams that are relevant to my audience, like my recent one on managing the holidays during COVID, and these help me to connect with my audience and grow my exposure. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Own Live Stream

  1. Networking

  2. Share your expertise

  3. Connect with others in your industry

I then have my assistant edit out a clip of just me endorsing the product. My assistant will then send this clip to the companies, and they have the option of featuring me on their social media, expanding my reach even more! I’ve even made it on a product’s Amazon page with this trick before.

Livestreams are just one of the many tools on social media you can utilize to grow your practice and connect with new audiences.


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