The price is reduced because this workshop ran in 2016, so it doesn't include some current social media trends.  However, many therapists still find it very helpful because much of the ideas and advice are timeless strategies to help therapists build an online presence in social media.

Time Table

Topic Time discussed:
Hashtag Usage 0:10:10
The Benefits of Social Media 0:17:45
Identifying Platforms 0:54:50
4 Types of Social Media Post 1:01:23
Blog Generation Ideas 1:03:07
Automating Your Social Media 1:06:30
Promoting Your Social Media Post – Defining Your Interest 1:08:55
How to Promote to The Media 1:13:30
How to ‘Court’ The Media 1:16:41
Ways to Expand Your Target Market and How to Expand Your Network by Expanding Your Identity 1:20:38
How to Take a Personal Photo and Engage Your Professional Audience 1:21:40
phoneBlogging - Why & How 1:32:54
Writing a Blog 1:37:03
Using a Blog Service or Tool 1:51:23
Blogging – Best Practices 2:00:06
Blog Structure 2:01:26
Sample Content Calendar – to Get Your Juices Flowing 2:14:23
Brainstorming – Topics to Consider 2:15:00
Newsletters & Email – Who is Your Audience 2:33:42
How to Create Your Client Prototype 2:42:17
How to Promote Your Posts 2:51:45
Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media 2:57:40

Bonus item: Social Media Calendar, Blog Postings Tracker

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