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Nervous Energy

A roadmap for high achievers to harness restlessness, roadblocks, and distractions into a productive drive towards personal and professional fulfillment. Dr. Chloe’s upcoming book will be printed in both Russian and Mandarin!

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reviews for dr. chloe's new book 

A must read!

“Nervous Energy is a wonderful book. Dr. Chloe has an incredibly warm and engaging style that makes complex concepts feel simple and immediately useful. There's a layer of vulnerability that makes the book come alive. This is a must read!”

Daniel G. Amen MD

Very much needed!

"If ‘high energy’ people learnt to harness their energy to go beyond reactive responses to modes of intuition, creativity, and emotional resilience, they would achieve even more. This book offers the tools they need.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra MD, FACP

Practical Advice!

“Nervous Energy is for the millions of Americans who consider themselves stressed, overwhelmed, or socially anxious. It's clear, engaging storytelling supported by practical advice while introducing science-based solutions to readers"

Dr. Mike Dow PsyD
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