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Dr. Chloe is a top-notch psychologist who appears regularly on national TV and other media. She helps smart clients crush their personal and professional goals on a daily basis.


  1. f you want to be on television, then make sure you get really good professional photos and videos of yourself on your website to show that you can handle yourself on camera

  2. It’s important to have someone you can talk to on a regular basis who really understands what’s happening in your business life.

  3. Take time to create a blueprint of what you want in your life, and then create a list of all the things that you need to get there.


Today’s Audio MASTERCLASS: How to Build an Insanely Successful Therapy or Coaching Practice with Dr. Chloe Carmichael

[1:00] – Chloe shares something interesting about herself that most people don’t know.

  • She started her first job as a blueberry picker when she was 11 yrs. old, which set her up on her entrepreneurial track.

[2:01] – As a psychologist how is what you do different from a business coach?

  • She has six years of training in learning about how the brain works: Personality, Motivation, and Attention, which are big factors in success coaching.

  • In business coaching, she helps people break things down and provides encouragement and excitement to help them stay on track.

  • As a Psychologist, she layers in some knowledge about how the mind actually works and how cognition, attention, focus, and goal attainment works.

[3:16] – Share with us how you started getting featured on all these TV outlets.

  • She started by setting up a profile on Help A Reporter (HARO) and started quoting services online

  • Then she started shooting videos of herself and posted those on her website, Dr. Chloe

  • She put links to all the places where she has been quoted so that her services can be available to journalists

  • If you want to be on TV make sure you get really good professional photos and videos of yourself on your website to show that you can handle yourself on camera

[6:12] – How has working with entrepreneurs shaped you as an entrepreneur?

  • Learning about the issues that they’re having and where they’re getting stuck has been huge

[7:46] – Share some great tips for helping entrepreneurs focus when it comes to achieving success.

  • Top 4 tips for achieving success

    • Good support system

    • Have a clear goal with action steps

    • Choose which task is best suited to your energy

    • Keep a visual reminder around your working space

[10:02] – Define empathy and its role in entrepreneurship.

  • Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and think about and understand things from their perspective.

  • It is important for entrepreneurs because it helps us to better attract customers and understand why they do or don’t come back. It also helps you motivate and retain employees

[11:24] – Talk to us about the Profitable Practices Program you designed.

  • She made an on-demand video for therapist and coaches who tend to want information fast to help them grow an insanely successful therapy practice

  • To learn more about Profitable Practices Program check out Dr. Chloe’s Top Tips for Entrepreneurs!

13:45 – A timeout to thank our sponsor, ZipRecruiter!

[16:23] – How can one quickly turn into a successful therapist or coach?

  • One of the myths is that it has to take a really long time. She got her license to practice psychology around May 2012 and she was literally full 6 weeks later.

  • She filled up her schedule by learning all the things that therapists and coaches were inadvertently doing that were making it difficult for clients to see them.

  • After getting her license, she asked her boss if she could possibly get a raise, but her request was ignored. Three weeks later, she gave her notice and started a private practice.

[18:49] – How have you attained success so quickly?

  • One thing that helped her a lot is getting really honest feedback.

  • She approached two or three different people and offered a package of 6 sessions for free in exchange for detailed feedback after every session.

  • Personally, she doesn’t like what other therapists and coaches are charging clients – these huge monthly retainers that get clients locked in.

  • Giving clients a lot freedom helps a lot.

[22:16] – What are the biggest mistakes you see new therapist or coaches making.

  • They make it inadvertently really hard to reach them. They feel like they can’t afford to hire a receptionist when they are starting out.

  • When you want to work with high functioning people, which means intelligent, driven people, they already have a basic amount of success – they are busy.

[24:33] – How can therapists and coaches stay motivated when they’re starting out or trying to reach these new big milestones you’re setting for them?

  • Have a long wish list of all the things that you want to be doing.

  • Keeping visual reminders of your success – this will help to keep you motivated.

  • Keep some pep talk reminders for yourself

[27:12] – How do we keep growing as entrepreneurs?

  • It’s important to have someone who really understands what’s happening in your business life.

[29:13] – Dr. Chloe’s parting piece of guidance

  • She would encourage anyone to create a vision of yourself that captures all the things that you want to be as an entrepreneur and as a person.

  • Make a blueprint of what you want and a list of all the things that you need to get there.

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