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Seven Things You Need To Know To Overcome Networking Nerves - Dr Chloe Carmichael

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Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD Jan 18, 2021 11:48:33 AM

As a clinical psychologist in New York City who works with some of the city’s most professionally motivated and strategic social climbers (most won’t admit it until they’re safely ensconced in a confidential session at my office), it’s no surprise that many clients want to brush up on their networking skills. My clients are intelligent, driven people who want to get the best return on investment on the time and effort spent at networking events.

Mindfulness: Your Secret Business Weapon

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Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD Jan 18, 2021 11:47:00 AM

As a clinical psychologist and former yoga teacher who works with driven business people, I want to clarify a common myth that mindfulness is mainly about relaxation and “being present”. Relaxation and feeling fully present are certainly positive components of mindfulness practice, but mindfulness can also be used to increase your insight and awareness around one of your most valuable business assets: your thoughts. By learning to observe our thoughts without reacting to them, we can save ourselves considerable time, money, and energy by choosing to “follow through” only on the thoughts that are truly in service of what we actually want in any given situation. I know this sounds abstract, so here are some real-life examples of how growing your “mindfulness muscles” will help you in day-to-day life:

What Does Your Tax Style Say About You?

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Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD Jan 18, 2021 11:26:27 AM

When April comes around, doing our taxes inevitably follows. As someone that works with many individuals planning for their financial future and security, I often find that during times of stress we can forget the purpose behind our actions. Although we all celebrate a salary raise or a successful new business venture, we don’t always like to think about its tax impact– and we may then lose out on opportunities to conserve or grow that wealth by sheltering it with proper planning! Therefore, whether you do your taxes yourself or have an accountant, approaching your taxes thoughtfully by asking yourself some key questions is vital for optimizing your quality of life.