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Dr. Chloe Carmichael is a clinical psychologist, USA Today bestselling author, and an expert in anxiety, stress management, and communication.

Dr. Chloe helps lawyers and their teams to manage stress to increase fulfillment as well as productivity.

Would you like Dr. Chloe to speak at your law firm?

She can speak onsite or virtually!

Warm and compassionate speaker!

"She has done online and in-person presentations for our people across North America, and the feedback has been extremely positive. Her approach is warm and compassionate, yet highly practical.”

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Scott Brandman CircleScott Brandman

Managing Partner at Baker McKenzie

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Dr. Chloe is a consultant to Baker McKenzie, which is the 3rd largest law firm in the world.

I help lawyers communicate better, bill more hours, get more clients, and become happier!



Very much needed!

"If ‘high energy’ people learnt to harness their energy to go beyond reactive responses to modes of intuition, creativity, and emotional resilience, they would achieve even more. This book offers the tools they need.”

kMC53jS6T5ejBfebR153_Deepak-ChopraDr. Deepak Chopra

Founder, The Chopra Foundation, World-renowned Speaker,
New York Times Bestselling Author

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Engaging speaker!

"Dr. Chloe was a very engaging speaker. Her advice was easily understandable, memorable, and practical. Would definitely invite her back again!"

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Founder and Chairman, 1-800-FLOWERS



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Dr. Chloe's Tips for Lawyers to Manage Stress and Beat Burnout

Would you like Dr. Chloe to speak at your law firm?

She can speak onsite or virtually!