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Mindful Shopping and Self-Image

How can being mindful about the things you buy help you build your self-image and sense of accomplishment? Tune in to find out!

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October 7, 2020

Everyone has different shopping habits that can grow over the years, but how do you control this impulse in a sense that actually makes you feel better about yourself?

With my guest Sydney Sadick, host, style-expert and fashion influencer, we touch on how her own shopping preferences have grown over time as well as how she has handled her life as a young, career-driven woman in the fashion industry. We also talk about her upcoming book, Aim High!


Whether it’s the holidays, birthdays, fashion week, or just everyday life, we can all become victims of the shopping bug: there’s always something new and exciting to buy.  But while great stuff is… well… great, we also know that a healthy savings account feels pretty great too– and so does feeling content with what we have. When FOX5 called to ask me for tips on why we sometimes buy more stuff that what we need (or even actually want!), and for ideas on how to stay centered when impulse buys are tempting, I offered the two sets of tips below.  The first set, called SAFE, offers some background on why we overshop, since it’s always helpful to have insight about why we do the things we do. The second set, SCRAM, offers tips on how to keep your eye on your real financial goals when rabbit holes beckon. 


Self image – People often shop to get a temporary feeling that they’re more like the people they see with certain items.  Whether it’s a mountain climber raising his hand in victory as he scales Mount Everest while wearing an expensive watch, or a model whose airbrushed lips look beautiful in a new shade of luxury lipstick, we sometimes feel pulled to buy things that play to a part of ourselves (even a small, quiet part!) that feels pulled into engagement or identification with an image offered by an advertiser– even if we know it’s actually totally unrelated to being that way in real life (like liquor ads featuring fitness models doing shots).

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