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World-class Executive, Tech Innovator, Author, Wife, and Mom: Meredith Arthur

Meredith Arthur works in Pinterest's in-house product incubator, but before that, she had a colorful career. She is also a wife and a mom. Learn more in this episode!

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February 2, 2022

My next guest for the podcast is Meredith Arthur. We met while working for an emerging product launch for Pinterest Live and I am very lucky to have had the opportunity of interviewing her and getting to know her better.

She shared her career journey including jumping from startup to startup and how she coped with it. Meredith has also written a book called “Get Out of My Head: Inspiration for Overthinkers in an Anxious World” which we talked about as well. Beyond her career in tech and as an author, we also discuss a little bit of her home life as a mother with a full-time career and her Generalized Anxiety Disorder diagnosis.

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