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Mompreneur with $20 Million Revenue: What’s Her Work-Life Balance Secret?

Starting a company is difficult on its own, so is having a young family. But starting a company with a young family, how did Galit Bar-Tal do it?

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December 2, 2021

I connected with Galit through the Entrepreneur's Organization where every month, a couple of us would meet and talk about business and personal life challenges. One of the things brought up was about juggling motherhood and being a business owner.

Galit is the CEO and owner of the Sycamore Group, the company responsible for Big Wipes, a global industrial wipes brand. The company revenues are at an amazing $20 million! She also started her company around her 30s with a young child. While her company grew,  her family did as well. If someone knows the secret to balancing life and work, it would definitely be Galit!

Join us for this episode of The High Functioning Hotspot as Galit shares with us the beginnings of her business and how she was able to juggle both aspects of her life like a true boss!

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