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Compassionate Silence

How do you define compassionate silence, and how does practicing it actually help with the dynamics in a relationship?

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September 9, 2020

Does practicing silence, or specifically Compassionate Silence, with your partner actually help with relationship dynamics? Can you even practice silence within yourself, and how does that affect you in terms of self-care?

Join me and my guest Taylor Trusty, co-founder of Signal Insights, as we discuss the effects of compassionate silence in different areas: between a couple, between friends, within an individual, and even in business!

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Harness the Power of Silence in 5 Easy Steps

As a yoga teacher-turned-psychologist, I’ve always been amazed at the overlap between psychology and yoga, specifically in mindfulness and in silence. One yogic practice that I find fantastic as a psychologist is intentional and compassionate silence. Whether you are in a relationship or currently single and living alone, you might feel some sort of pressure to always answer the phone, constantly make small talk with a partner, or always have “something interesting” to say. Intentional silence is a great way to combat this pressure, and can just be a fun way to deepen your relationships and play around with nonverbal communication!

Intentional and compassionate silence is time you and your partner will hold, or you will hold for yourself, to be intentionally quiet. Here are some guidelines for defining a period of silence! Read the full blog

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