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Referrals and Consultations

Dr. Carmichael believes that to practice psychology most ethically and successfully, it is essential to refer clients in certain cases. It is important to note that Dr. Carmichael is fully trained to treat individuals in all of the categories below- but she chooses to refer them because she is dedicated to treating the clients most likely to benefit from her particular blend of experience, training, and interest. Even if she does not treat your particular type of issue, Dr. Carmichael is available to meet with you to provide information about common treatment options, as well as to discuss your particular referral needs.

Dr. Carmichael will also be happy to consult in person or by phone for referrals to clinicians with special characteristics. For example, some clients are searching for a therapist who speaks other languages. Dr. Carmichael has conducted bilingual therapy in Spanish at the Lenox Hill Outpatient Center for Mental Health, and has completed Spanish for Psychologists at the Universidad Iternacional in Cuernavacas, Mexico as well as the Berlitz immersion program in Spain, but she will refer if a client needs a native speaker or a speaker beyond her level. Referrals are also available for clients seeking a psychiatrist, psychological testing and assessment, therapy for children, a male therapist, or other particular needs.

Dr. Carmichael enjoys requests for collaborations or introductions in a variety of projects. For example, she recently received a request from the webmaster of a blog about volleyball who had questions about cognitive theory and how it applies to attitudes towards winning in sports. Dr. Carmichael was able to connect the person with a prominent cognitive psychologist who good-naturedly offered his expertise free of charge, as did Dr. Carmichael. Dr. Carmichael very much enjoys special requests and communication, so please don’t hesitate to write if you have a question or idea that you would like to discuss.

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