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Online Group Gives You Privacy Options!

Anonymous or visible — it’s up to you! 

FAQ 1: Do I have to show my face and be visible to others?

No, you don’t have to be visible unless you choose to share video.  Group members to need to share audio, but video is optional.  For more information about the online group therapy experience, click here.

FAQ 2: Is it covered by insurance?

As a professional therapeutic group, the group is covered by insurance. Clients are often very surprised by how affordable visits are. To find out how much your insurance would cover, submit your insurance information online and we will gladly check your benefits for you.  You can send your insurance information at or call 212-729-3922, or email

FAQ 3: What will we discuss?

Group members will practice offering and receiving support, and learn CBT techniques to address anxiety.  Anxiety can take many forms- some people experience it in the context of relationships, while others feel it more at work.  Work and relationships both pose challenges that benefit from group support and skills-based learning.  The group therapist will facilitate a supportive group environment that includes CBT technique for anxiety as well as provide space for members to process events from their own weeks and apply helpful techniques for managing anxiety that accompanies those events.  Members will talk about CBT techniques and specifically how to apply them to situations in their lives.  Examples include using the techniques to manage anxiety at work, or to manage anxiety in social and dating situations.  Whether you tend to experience anxiety more at work or in your personal life, the important thing is learning to use the techniques in a variety of situations.  In addition to learning the techniques themselves, we benefit from building perspective and understanding how our peers deal with anxiety through participating a structured group therapy format.

FAQ 4: Do I have to attend every week? Do I have to attend the same time slot each week?

We recommend that you attend regularly so that you can get the benefits of community over time, and get feedback as you practice the skills we learn.  However, we understand that your schedule may not permit regular attendance.  We are offering the four different time slots every Thursday during the month of May to accommodate the fluid schedules of busy professionals, and you are welcome to attend whichever time slots are best for you over any combination of weeks you prefer.

FAQ 5: Can I attend more than one group in the same evening?

Yes.  If you have more questions, want more feedback, or just feel that you would benefit by attending more often, you are welcome to do so.  Please note that we can only bill insurance for one group visit per day.  A nominal fee for additional groups would be billed to your credit card.

FAQ 6: How do I know it’s private?

We use a HIPAA compliant video therapy software.  Just like every group therapy, all members must sign a confidentiality agreement.  You don’t even have to show your face if you prefer more privacy.

FAQ 7: How do I sign up?  Call 212-729-3922 or write to get started!

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