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Happy September to you! September is truly one of my favorite months. Although I completed school years ago, it still makes me get that fresh “new semester feeling”…

However, I have to admit that this September is distinctly different (thanks, covid). The challenge for many of us is to find ways to connect with the momentum and sense of “restart” that September can bring, while still acknowledging that we may be feeling a bit restricted by, well, the actual restrictions many of us are experiencing due to covid-related barriers.

One way that I’ve found a way around the barriers is through video. Yes, I know it isn’t the same– but it does have some advantages, and I must admit I’ve been having a lot of fun making videos and learning some new skills– you could almost say it’s been like being back in school again, on a certain level– lots of new experiences, and lots to learn.

I hope you enjoy the vlogs, podcasts, and media quotes shared inside this newsletter– it would make me really happy to know they gave you something helpful in whatever the current “semester” of life is bringing your way. Please feel free to hit “reply” to share any feedback, or any suggestions on what I should do in future episodes or segments…. I really love hearing from readers!

Wishing you a beautiful autumn, wherever you may be.


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

PS If you love the newsletter or see an article or video here that you think would help a friend, please feel free to forward this to them– it’s an easy way to show someone you’re thinking of them, and of course I always appreciate the chance to share with people who want fresh ideas!





Dr. Chloe at the 92Y Mental Health Summit discussing how you can manage anxiety and stress, and prepare to move out of quarantine.

On the Horizon: Transitioning from Quarantine with Dr. Chloe Carmichael

When a relationship ends, healing can take time. These tips can help you grieve your loss and start to move on. You can also check Dr. Chloe's blog of the same title here.

"Safe and Sane: A Panel on Back to School" hosted by Lisa Speransky, founder of Ivy Tutors Network, featuring Dr. Chloe Carmichael and Soumi Eachempati, discussing the return to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More informative videos on my Youtube Channel




Episode 05: Compassionate Silence

Does practicing silence, or specifically compassionate silence, with your partner actually help with relationship dynamics? Can you even practice silence within yourself, and how does that affect you in terms of self-care?

Join me and my guest Taylor Trusty, co-founder of Signal Insights, as we discuss the effects of compassionate silence in different areas: between a couple, between friends, within an individual, and even in business! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW

Episode 06: Behind the Success of a High-Functioning Person

What are the factors that push a high-functioning person into working towards all kinds of success, whether it be in a relationship, in a business, or even in oneself? Do high-functioning people also fall into the tendency of “victim mentality”, and if they do, how do they get through it?

With my amazing guest Ashley Brown, also known as Ashley Empowers, a successful and influential workplace relationship coach, we answer those questions by delving into her story of where she started and how she got to where she is now. We also touch on the topic of defining what is a high-functioning person! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW




What Do the Tarot Cards Say? In a Pandemic, the Answer Might Be on Zoom One of my quotes: “A psychotherapist would be unlikely to recommend tarot cards, just like they would not recommend a particular religion, but they would potentially be able to work with the client’s spiritual beliefs in a welcoming and productive manner.”

School Reopening Is a Mess. Here Are 13 Ways to Deal with the Uncertainty One of my quotes: “But in the current situation, uncertainty is actually the appropriate state because nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen. It’s a good time to be a little bit transparent with our kids that sometimes we don’t quite understand exactly where things are going to go. But we have enough information to be comfortable taking steps forward.”

Is It Worth Getting Your Home Professionally Organized? One of my quotes: “Our space, in many ways, is an extension of our body language. When we look at our space, it can almost inform us about who we are and affect our self-esteem and sense of identity.”

Why Intermittent Silence Is The New Form Of Meditation You Should Know About One of my quotes: “The practice of intentional silence can lead to an increase in self-awareness as you become more in-tune with your own thoughts, feelings and reactions.”




How to Persuade a Family Member to Take Coronavirus Seriously


You’re likely worried about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and doing everything you can to protect yourself and the people you love. Unfortunately, you may have family members who don’t realize the serious nature of the virus. Dealing with relatives who won’t stay home or don’t wash their hands often can be extremely frustrating and may have you worried for their health and safety. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to help them adopt preventative habits.


Read the full article.

How to Survive Overthinking


Overthinking an issue, event, or even conversation is a common method of coping with stress. But studies show that overthinking and ruminating on something stressful/troubling has strong ties with depression and anxiety. For many people, overthinking things is just an automatic way of seeing the world, but that mindset can lead to prolonged periods of depression and may even cause some people to delay seeking treatment. Learning how to cope with overthinking can help you let go of painful memories and break out of damaging thought patterns.


Read the full article.

How to Relieve Anger


Your shoulders tense, your breath comes faster, and your jaw clenches tightly. Everything in your line of sight goes red. You know what being angry feels like, but you may not know how to relieve your anger when it happens. Controlling your anger comes down to learning how to cool off in heat the moment and improving your communication habits so you don’t make matters worse. It may also help to pick up new strategies to keep your anger under lock and key over the long-term.


Read the full article.




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