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Wow, I seriously cannot believe that October is actually almost over and now we’re almost into November… is it just me or is time moving faster?!

One thing I did to make time “slow down” a bit is I actually paused accepting new therapy or coaching clients for myself a couple of months ago. I did this so that I could focus more on my current clients as well as the increased amount of consulting and speaking I’ve been doing lately as my book launch gets closer… this was hard for me since seeing clients is one of my favorite things to do, but overall I do think the extra time has helped me to “bring my A game” to my existing clients as well as to all of the other projects where I’m currently active.

I’m also doing a lot with building and polishing my online courses like Have you ever used any of my courses? If yes, please do hit reply and let me know your thoughts– if not, it would also be great if you’d hit “reply” and let me know why not… I love feedback of any kind, I promise:)

How do YOU find time, manage your energy, or prioritize projects?


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Chloe Carmichael featured on The CW to discuss the body language of both presidential candidates at the first 2020 debate.




When and How to Share Personal Information

In my Manhattan practice I often see clients who struggle with finding the right way to share personal information with others, whether in a business or intimate relationship. It can be incredibly difficult to know when and how to disclose personal details, and many people find themselves in a precarious dance between sharing info too soon or struggling to open up at all.

Sharing information can be a way to increase an emotional connection in a relationship, but it can also lead to experiencing a “sharing hangover,” or that feeling of regret that you opened up too much about personal details in a situation that may not have been appropriate after all. At the same time, those who find it harder to open up about themselves or those holding information back may want to have more than extended superficial connections. Read the full blog here.




Episode 07: Mindful Shopping and Self Image

Everyone has different shopping habits that can grow over the years, but how do you control this impulse in a sense that actually makes you feel better about yourself?

With my guest Sydney Sadick, host, style-expert and fashion influencer, we touch on how her own shopping preferences have grown over time as well as how she has handled her life as a young, career-driven woman in the fashion industry. We also talk about her upcoming book, Aim High! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW




Mindfulness for Skeptics

One of my quotes:

“A person could use mindfulness when they need to be super on-point,… They can do a quick scan—an inventory—to understand exactly how they’re feeling and what’s running in the background of their mind, because they need to be at their sharpest, most heightened sense of awareness.”

Ex-Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Accused of Pushing ‘Revenge Porn’ in Retaliation for Sexual-Assault Claim

One of my quotes:

“It could make the alleged victim feel like the alleged attacker has the power to humiliate her over and over again in a public format. Having those images plastered all over the internet by her attacker or agents of the attacker could trigger a re-living of the experience of losing control over her own body.”

2020’s Home Fragrance Trends Look A Lot More Luxe These Days — & Make You Feel Good, Too

One of my quotes:

“There is a direct circuit from the nostrils to the olfactory region of the brain which is why scents can be a quick emotion stimulator”.




How to Accept and Embrace Disagreement


Accepting and embracing disagreement is difficult for some people who seek harmony and cooperation all of the time. Yet, without dissent and differing opinions, the world would be a very bland and conformist place. Embracing disagreement is a valuable way of learning new ideas, tempering your own ideas into workable outcomes, and reaching solutions that everyone can benefit from. Learn how to change your perspective about disagreement and your interactions with others will improve greatly. Read full article here.

How to Stop Being Jealous


Occasional jealousy is natural and can even be motivating. But if you find yourself getting upset when seeing Instagram photos of clothes, jobs, or cars that you envy, you might need to work through this issue. Or maybe your jealousy is making you paranoid and causing problems with you and your significant other. Curbing these emotions can be difficult, but it’s often necessary to move forward and feel secure and confident. Work through your jealousy by addressing it, finding a new focus, and improving yourself. You got this! Read the full article here.

How to Stay in Contact with Judgmental Family As an Adult

Dealing with a judgmental person is difficult enough, but when that person is a family member, it can make things even worse. You love your relative, but the criticism you receive from them is often too much to handle. You want to stay in contact, but you also don’t want to get hurt in the process. You may be able to accomplish both of these goals by dealing with your feelings, talking with your relatives, and doing what you can to protect yourself. Read full article here.




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