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Wow, time flies! Can't believe we're in the holidays already. What do the holidays mean to you? Do you have your own special ways you like to mark this time of the year? If yes, please feel free to reply and share them with me! If not, then I'd like to offer the idea of starting your own holiday traditions, whether something solo or with friends/family. These types of rituals can help create comfort and connection during a time of year that many people otherwise find to be hectic... but with a little planning we can usually create meaning and fulfillment even when life is busy.

Below you'll find some of my recent press quotes, as well as a re-post of my holiday stress blog for family get-togethers in case that may be helpful for you or someone you know.

Preview for next month: Nothing says "Happy New Year" like a clear blueprint of your goals for the year! So let's put on our thinking caps now, and start thinking about what we'd like 2019 to look like. What are YOUR goals? Feel free to reply and let me know!


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist





How to Survive the Holiday Season With Your Family

The holiday season is here, and while this can be a wonderful and joyous time it can also come with plenty of stress. For many people, family dynamics can contribute to anxiety about holiday gatherings, but the beauty of this type of stress is that it can be planned for. These predictable stressors allow us to fill our tool belts with the necessary items for managing holiday interactions before any difficulties are met.

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5 Get-Positive Techniques From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


One of my quotes:

You don’t want to be the fool, so you resort to dampening positive thoughts to protect yourself from potential disappointment.”


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How to make eustress work for you!


One of my quotes:

“Most people are pretty good at nourishing themselves when they've had a rough day, but we also need to remember to recharge even after positive events.”


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How To Navigate Dating Apps In Your 30s And 40s,

According To An Expert


One of my quotes:

“It can be encouraging to 'dip your toe' into the dating pool by just setting up a profile to see who messages you. This way you also build up a store of potential dates for whenever you’re ready.”


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