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"You don't have to continue being a certain way 'just because that's always how it's been.'" 

- Dr. Chloe



The holidays are here and the media is well into its end-of-year messaging cycle: Holiday time is family fun time. But for many people, this message does not correlate with the reality of their lives. If you find yourself in a stressful situation this holiday season, consider signing up for 14 days of free tips to calm your holiday anxiety.


In other recent news, I had the honor of being featured on HuffPost Women this week! I spoke about dealing with your anger when faced with news of tragedy, which in today's world happens far too often. You can view the article below, along with two recent posts from my blog.


Take care of yourself and have a have a wonderful month! And if you're celebrating, Happy Holidays!





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Recent Blog Articles...


Featured on HuffPost Women

Anger and Action: Managing Strong Emotions

With ISIS claiming responsibility for the deadliest attack on human life in Paris since World War II, and the San Bernardino female shooter's pledge to ISIS days before the rampage, many of us are currently wondering: how do we manage feelings of anger and anxiety? What kind of reaction (or action) is most appropriate? I've been pondering reactions to anger and anxiety over terrorism seriously since the execution of American journalist James Foley, and the horrific events in Paris have only strengthened my resolve to fight feeling "frozen" with terror.

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30, Single, and Dating On a Timeline? Part 2: Waiting It Out


Ok, you've found a man who appears to be on the same page as you - he possesses the qualities of a man looking for a meaningful long-term relationship. What can you do in the early stages of your relationship to ensure your new romantic interest sees his future with you before becoming emotionally invested?

  • Don't stop dating other people right away.

    • As I said in Part 1, you want to avoid wasting time with a man who doesn't share your timeline.

    • Keep yourself open to meeting others until you are positive this relationship has a solid foundation for something long-lasting and secure.

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The 5-Session Check-In - Keeping Therapy Fresh and Engaging


Measuring progress in therapy requires an objective analysis of the big picture.

When new clients book a visit with me because they're considering a switch from their current therapist, one of the most common reasons they offer for switching is that they have "gotten into a rut." Their first few sessions went really well and they talked a lot about goals, but then somehow it drifted away from an organized pursuit of those goals and got into sessions "where I just basically talk about how my week went and the therapist nods."


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Dr. Chloe On Television and Radio


*Thursday, December 10th @ 8:15am - Dr. Chloe will discuss Fertility Stress with Autria and Larry on WJLA-TV, ABC in Washington D.C.


*Friday, December 11th - Dr. Chloe discusses "Holiday Relationship RX" with Tom and 

Patrice on WBFF-TV (FOX) in Baltimore, MD 


*Friday, December 11th - Dr. Chloe discusses "Holiday Relationship RX" with Gigi Barnett on WJZ-TV (CBS) in Baltimore, MD


*Thursday, December 10th, 

10:30am-11:30am ET - Dr. Chloe will discuss Fertility Stress with Tootie Cooksey on WILY-AM


**Listen to a clip of a recent interview on Radio MD at the bottom of a related blog article - 5 Ways Couples Can Beat Fertility Stress. 


Help Manage your Stress with Dr. Chloe! 

Dr. Chloe will be hosting 3 One-Hour Stress Management Workshops for current clients of Carmichael Psychology. These workshops will be billable to insurance, so your out-of-pocket cost will be little to nonePlease indicate your preference for when you would like to attend by clicking: Preferred Time.  For more detailed information from our office please email Here.




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