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Memorial Day is almost here! Time to think about summer Fridays and taking life a little slower. If a 100% summer slowdown feels right for you, then go ahead and relax! On the other hand, feel free to set aside a little time now to plan for pleasure. That could mean anything from creating a list of summer festivals and making sure to get your tickets so you can look forward to the big event (I'm going to Tanglewood this summer, can't wait!) to signing up for a cooking class or language course, or even taking a road trip to see old friends. The only goal is to do whatever will bring you pleasure and fulfillment!





The 5-Step Plan to Achieving Any Goal

Have you ever vouched to do something - whether it's as small as crossing an item off your weekend to-do list or as big as a career change - and then procrastinated for so long you never got around to it?

Sometimes, the things we really want to accomplish are so important to us, they induce a level of anxiety that can keep us from getting started. Other times, the sheer excitement we feel when we picture our goal can get overwhelming. And sometimes, we may just not even understand yet why we're procrastinating at all.

Whatever your emotions, there is a way to address them and create a foolproof plan that allows you to achieve any goal. By creating a plan that not only breaks down the steps you have to do but also builds in steps to deal with the emotions that accompany your goals, you'll be on your way to crossing off that to-do list or embarking upon the career you've always wanted. Here's what to do.




Dr. Chloe Carmichael on HLN Nancy Grace April 27, 2016 to Talk About Family Poisoning Cas

Watch it!

FOX News - Risky business: The dangers of online dating and how to protect yourself

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This will be a general support group for any client who would like to practice giving or receiving support, or who just wants to experience extra support.  It will take place on a weekday evening at 6:30pm nearby Dr. Chloe's clinical office on 230 Park Avenue.  Clients who have seen Dr. Chloe and/or one of her associate therapists are welcome to inquire.  The group will include opportunities to:

  • Connect with others who have also made good use of Dr. Chloe's practice

  • Practice healthy communication with others

  • Practice being open/intimate

  • Alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation

  • See that you're not "the only one" who has problems with relationships and/or career anxiety

  • Check in on personal/therapy goals

  • Get social feedback from peers in a therapeutic environment

  • Practice giving and receiving support from others in a therapeutic environment

To request more information about the group, click here.

Barnes & Noble Altamonte Mall, FL




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If you might consider putting your review on multiple sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, or Walmart for Nervous Energy, and on Amazon for the 10 Commandments of Dating) that would be awesome! If not, no worries... I just had to ask. 😊 If you do any new reviews or post your old review to additional places, please let me know so I can thank you! 😃👍 For a single page with links to all the review sites that matter most, please see


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