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I hope your spring is off to a wonderful start!  Spring is one of my favorite seasons- I love the feeling of freshness that it brings in all areas of life.

This month’s newsletter offers a collection of articles on everything from personal wellness and relationships to anger management and overcoming excessive emotional sensitivity… there should be something for everyone in this issue:)

If you were hoping to do some “spring cleaning” in your life this season, I’m spotlighting a therapist who has worked at my practice for 10 years— Amanda Pelcher, LMFT.  Amanda is goal-oriented, energetic, and excellent at helping people who seek encouragement, accountability, and structure.  Amanda offers therapy visits for those located in New York State, and coaching for eligible clients outside of New York.  To learn more, just hit “reply” on this and I’ll connect you with my reception team.

Wishing you a wonderful Spring season… feel free to share what new growth you’re hoping the season will bring for you!


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

PS For those of you who are clinicians, I’m excited to announce that my on-demand video training for therapy techniques with high functioning clients has been approved for CE credit.  Click here to learn more!





A New Study Shows Scents Can Help Improve Positive Memory Recall & Boost Your Mood

These Are The Most Common Signs Of Love Bombing—And What To Do Next

Autophobia: The Fear of Being Alone

America has a favourite way to hold hands, survey finds




Episode 38

Get Over Yourself: Transformational Insights from New York Times Best-Selling Author, Dave Kerpen

Join us for an insightful discussion with Serial Entrepreneur, Global Keynote Speaker, and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Dave Kerpen! In this episode, Dave shares his personal experiences with imposter syndrome and introduces his latest book, "Get Over Yourself," which emphasizes the importance of delegation in both professional and personal life. Discover how delegation isn't just about lightening your workload but reclaiming time for what truly matters. Tune in for inspiration and practical insights on success and fulfillment.





How to Use Anger Productively


Most people view anger as a negative emotion, but it is just one of a wide array of normal human feelings. Uncontrolled anger can have negative consequences on your interpersonal relationships and quality of life. However, being able to control and channel your anger in a positive direction help you be more productive. Continue reading.

How to Forget a Bad Memory

At some point or another, everyone goes through experiences they’d rather forget. Fortunately, there are ways to train your mind to cope with negative memories in a healthy way, from pushing the thoughts out of your head to reducing the anxiety you feel when bad memories surface. Continue reading.

How to Overcome Emotional Sensitivity

Emotional sensitivity is healthy, but at a certain point sensitivity can end up being detrimental. Manage your strong feelings so they are your allies, rather than enemies. Over-sensitivity may lead you to assume slights that you imagined, or are not intentional. Misinterpreting constructive, everyday interactions can limit your ability to lead a happy, healthy life. Balance your sensitivity with common sense, confidence and resilience so that you do not over-react to life's everyday events. Continue reading.


CE Credits for Therapists



Meet Amanda, Our Head of Training & Development! 😊


Amanda Pelcher, LMFT

Head of Training & Development, Carmichael Psychology PLLC

Amanda, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, serves as an associate therapist and Head of Training and Development at Dr. Chloe Carmichael's Park Avenue practice near Grand Central Station. With a Master's from the University of Rochester, Amanda's approach combines energy, humor, and understanding. She champions using CBT techniques to help clients address issues like anxiety, self-esteem, career changes, and anger management. Beyond therapy, she offers case consultation, supervision, and has conducted workshops on anxiety management deriving from Dr. Chloe’s webinars.





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