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Hope you're keeping cozy and looking forward to spring!🌷 As we prepare for the change in seasons, I'm excited to hear about your plans for spring cleaning. Whether it's decluttering your space or clearing away any mental cobwebs, I'd love to hear what you're looking forward to tackling as we welcome a fresh start.

In this newsletter, find recent highlights and media mentions on relationships, beating loneliness, and more. Plus, great news - my video workshop on Therapy Techniques for High-Functioning Clients is now approved for 3 Continuing Education credits! 😃 Details below!

March is almost here, which means it's National Reading Month! 📚 Books have a magical way of taking us to different worlds. Share your recent reads - I'm all ears! As always, your feedback and ideas for future newsletters or social media posts are welcome. Just hit "reply" - I'm excited to hear from you! 😊


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

P.S. To celebrate National Reading Month, I'm offering a free Nervous Energy book club to businesses and organizations. Simply hit reply for more details on how to qualify!







10 Signs of a Complicated Relationship & What to Do if You’re in One


When asked about their relationship, you’ve likely heard someone say, “It’s complicated.” A complicated relationship is a romantic partnership that lacks healthy communication and boundaries. A couple that’s unable to express their wants and needs with each other won’t know how to make each other happy. If you resonate with this, it may be because you’re in a complicated relationship. Take a look at the guide below to learn the telling signs of complicated relationships and how to handle one. Continue reading.


How to Overcome Loneliness When Surrounded by People

Loneliness is one of the most challenging feelings to overcome. For those of us that suffer from loneliness, it is emotionally debilitating and can lead us into depression. In fact, the most frustrating part of loneliness is that even though we might be surrounded by people, we still feel alone and disconnected. Luckily, though, there are many things we can do to overcome loneliness. Don’t give up, there are people who care about you. You will be able to get through your loneliness if you stick with it. Continue reading.


How to Have a Great Time on Your Blind Date

A blind date is a date with someone you haven’t met before, typically set up by a mutual friend. These days, many successful couples meet through blind dates arranged by friends or online. Blind dates can be nerve-wracking, but they might introduce you to a good friend or a meaningful significant other. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to have a successful blind date from setting it up to how to impress your date. Continue reading.




Exciting news for therapists! 🎉

My workshop video on Therapy Techniques for High-Functioning Clients has just been approved for 3 Continuing Education credits. If you know any therapists seeking CE credits, please feel free to forward this email. Thank you for helping spread the word! 🙌


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