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I know this might shock you, but I am actually really grateful for 2020.  Many people have said it was a terrible year, and yes it’s true that we’ve shouldered much sadness, stress and tragedy…

But, there have been some amazing saving graces: I’ve personally witnessed many positives: I’ve seen friends, families, and even employers/employees deepen their relationships as they’ve learned to rely on one another more deeply.  I’ve seen parents reclaim the ability to spend more time with their kids.  I’ve seen individuals learn to reinvent themselves in ways they’d never have chosen, but that have actually been successful beyond the person’s imagination.  In many ways, the pandemic has given us permission to rewrite the way we spend our time; and to increase our sense of connection with others who may be far way– so I do at least feel grateful for that.

I also feel super grateful to share that…. omg… DEEPAK CHOPRA has endorsed my book.  Just… wow.  I really can’t believe it– and yet, it’s true!  I can’t wait to share the book with you when it hits shelves soon, but preorder is available now. If you do preorder and share a screenshot of your purchase over email or social media, I’ve got a special gift for you!:) So sorry but for ethical reasons this offer cannot apply to psychotherapy clients at my practice… but if you’re a client at my practice of course I still can’t wait to share the book with you!:)

Thank you for going through 2020 with me, and I look forward to entering 2021 together with you as well!  As always, please do feel free to hit reply and lmk what you’re up to, what topics you’d like to see in future blogs/livestreams/books/etc, and anything else you’d like to share.  I’m always looking for ways to increase my sense of connection with you, so by all means PLEASE do share any ideas!

Thank you, and looking forward to an amazing year to come.


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

PS If you love the newsletter or see an article or video here that you think would help a friend, please feel free to forward this to them– it’s an easy way to show someone you’re thinking of them, and of course I always appreciate the chance to share with people who want fresh ideas!





Holidays in COVID: 3 Essential Strategies to Stay SaneTips and tools to making the most out of this holiday season!


The holidays are a time for celebration and togetherness, but they can also be a time of increased stress.This holiday season we are dealing with extra challenges, as COVID issues may prevent many of us from celebrating together in our normal way.


The good news is that these challenges don’t need to derail our holidays, and they may even represent an opportunity for increased closeness or changes that we’ll ultimately value! In this two-part blog series, I will dive into tips and suggestions for how you can stay centered, build new rituals, and honor different family boundaries! Here are three tips to help you reframe and enjoy the holidays.


1. Give yourself permission to grieve and don’t be afraid to name the problem

Before we can talk too much about how to make the best of the holidays in COVID, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this year IS different! Give yourself the opportunity to grieve what you’re missing this year. I encourage you not to focus on the differences this year, but don’t deny how the changes make you feel. Read the full article.

If you read the blog but still want to listen, watch the livestream that Dr. Chloe recently did.




I am so excited to share some GREAT news with you. My book, Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety, has an endorsement from Dr. Deepak Chopra, as well as a very good review from Publishers Weekly!!!

Anxiety and stress are the number one epidemic of modern civilization. Frequently stressed people find themselves at the pinnacle of success at the cost of unhappy lives, fractured relationships, and unhealthy bodies. Their energy is wasted even though they may have an excess of it. If ‘high energy’ people learnt to harness their energy to go beyond reactive responses to modes of intuition, creativity, and emotional resilience, they would achieve even more by doing less and be happier and healthier. This book offers the tools they need.

– Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP

Founder, The Chopra Foundation, World-renowned Speaker,

New York Times Bestselling Author

“Psychologist Carmichael (Dr. Chloe’s 10 Commandments of Dating) offers advice and practices for channeling undirected energy in her accessible guide for high-functioning people. According to Carmichael, high-functioning people (those with “markers of personal and professional achievement” such as a great spousal relationship or a “career that brings fulfilment”) often struggle with nervous energy and anxiety that keep them from “get[ting] to the next level” and fulfilling their ambitions. She provides a “menu” of nine key practices for controlling nervous energy, including three-part breathing, mental shortlists for moving from “swirling thoughts” to productive action, mind maps for listing goals and ambitions, and designated worry time. Such exercises, she argues, give high-functioning people the control they desire and the boundaries they need to constructively direct their energies. The vignettes that begin each chapter and Carmichael’s strategies for daily integration of key techniques make this an engaging and easy-to-implement guide. Those looking for ways to tame distraction and calm inner turmoil will want to give this a look. (Mar.)”

– Publishers Weekly

Don’t forget that Nervous Energy is now available for pre-order this holiday season!


You can pre-order my book from these sites or you can get a signed copy directly from me!




If YOU would like to HELP spread the word about my book, please reply to this email and let me know– we are currently assembling a list of people who want to help share about the book with their network… please understand there’s NO PRESSURE to do this, I just wanted to share that we are creating a special group in response to several people who have asked how they can support.  Thank you either way!

Foreign rights have now been sold for my book in China and in Russia… so my message will reach all over the globe in at least 3 languages on launch date!





It’s normal to feel nervous and hesitant when making an important decision, but you shouldn’t let decision paralysis get in the way all the time! With my guest, former professional poker player, speaker and decision strategist, Annie Duke, we discuss different decision-making methods to help you finalize your decisions.

We also talk a bit about Annie’s book, How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices, how she got into professional poker playing, and how she’s combined her learnings on cognitive psychology and poker playing experiences to deliver amazing talks on decision-making. Listen to this episode now!

For more information, visit




How to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a healthy and normal emotion that everyone feels from time to time. Anxiety can, however, manifest to a mental disorder that reduces your capacity to cope with these feelings of anxiety. When trying to overcome it, you should not try to eliminate your feelings of anxiety but should aim to develop your coping mechanisms when you do feel anxiety. Having the ability to cope with anxious thought is the key to overcoming it. Do not let anxiety define you as it can lead to long term depression which is an even more serious mental health issue.

Read full article here.

How to Use Anger Productively

Most people view anger as a negative emotion, but it is just one of a wide array of normal human feelings. Uncontrolled anger can have negative consequences on your interpersonal relationships and quality of life. However, being able to control and channel your anger in a positive direction help you be more productive.

Read full article here.

How to Get over a Guy After a Bad Break Up

Endings are difficult. Just like any ending or any loss, the end of a significant relationship can bring up strong emotions. The longer you have been together the more intertwined your lives will have become. Regardless of if it has been a long term relationship or a relationship that ended very badly, there are still ways to get over it and move on with your life. Allow yourself to grieve the loss, find and define yourself again, and start the process of moving on. It may take you a short time or it may take a great deal of time and patience, but you can get there!

Read full article here.




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