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I hope you are enjoying a springtime of freshness and renewal!  This spring has been full of possibility— I was actually approached about writing another book.  I’m thinking about doing it… will keep you posted:)

This month’s newsletter features articles on stress, happiness, relationships, and communication— these topics may seem different, but of course, they’re actually all related: the better we communicate, the stronger our relationships become… and strong relationships are great happiness boosters and stress-busters:)  

Speaking of stress: Did you know I have an Amazon storefront featuring some of my favorite stress management products?  If you’re curious, here’s a link.  Please feel free to hit reply and tell me any of your favorite stress management products or self-help books— I may want to add them to my storefront!


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

PS For those of you who are clinicians, I’m excited to announce that my on-demand video training for therapy techniques with high functioning clients has been approved for CE credit.  Click here to learn more!







How to Navigate the Complex Dynamics of Family Businesses: Practical Advice from a New York City Psychologist

Family is often the source of our greatest joys, and also of our greatest conflicts.  Similarly, business owners often find that their business can provide great financial security, yet also great financial responsibility.  When we combine family and business, the potential for highs and lows can become even bigger.

As a clinical psychologist in New York City who works frequently with family businesses, I’ve witnessed the peaks and valleys firsthand: families who capitalize on their ability to count on one another in a unique way that gives them an advantage over their competition; and families who feel hamstrung by a “weak link” in the family business who would have been fired or replaced long ago if not for familial obligations.  While the former is glorious, the latter is a hotbed for resentment and wasted energy. Continue reading.


CE Credits for Therapists



Meet Amanda, Our Head of Training & Development! 😊


Amanda Pelcher, LMFT

Head of Training & Development, Carmichael Psychology PLLC

Amanda, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, serves as an associate therapist and Head of Training and Development at Dr. Chloe Carmichael's Park Avenue practice near Grand Central Station. With a Master's from the University of Rochester, Amanda's approach combines energy, humor, and understanding. She champions using CBT techniques to help clients address issues like anxiety, self-esteem, career changes, and anger management. Beyond therapy, she offers case consultation, supervision, and has conducted workshops on anxiety management deriving from Dr. Chloe’s webinars.





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