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Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home today (I'm assuming you're at home because.... well... covid).

Speaking of COVID, I would love to share some material with you that might be helpful:

  • A v-log on coping with difficult world events

  • A v-log on family dynamics in quarantine (skews towards families with young kids, but there is definitely material for families in general as well)

Also below are several articles where I've been quoted on COVID as well as other topics and... on a lighter note.... a new sizzle reel showcasing some of my TV highlights (my agent asked me to make one lol:).

I also wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about hosting a free online Zoom session where I'll go through some of my top tips on coping with COVID. If you'd be interested, please hit "reply" to let me know, and/or link up with me on social media! I'm on IG + Twitter rather frequently these days (@drchloe_ on both platforms, direct links are in the footer of this newsletter:)

Stay safe, strong, and we'll get through this together!


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

PS If you love the newsletter or see an article you think would help a friend, please feel free to forward this to them - - it's an easy way to show someone you're thinking of them, and of course I always appreciate the chance to share with people who want fresh ideas!






You can also read Dr. Chloe's blogs on:

The CARE System for Difficult World Events

With all the issues facing our world today, I’ve had more clients than ever before seeking help to manage stress from things like terrorism, police shootings, or other acts of violence. I applaud people who are able to recognize this stress and want to face it in a constructive and healthy way. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and share that current events are making you feel anxious, angry, or confused. Recognizing this also empowers you to take healthy, appropriate action. Taking healthy, appropriate action not only makes the world a better place, it’s also good for your mental health and well-being. Read full blog here!

The CARE System for Kids - Helping Kids Manage When the World Gets Scary

When world events like terrorism or random violence occur, it’s hard enough for adults to manage their feelings- but it can be even tougher helping kids to navigate. The CARE system was created by Dr. Chloe Carmichael to help adults find healthy ways to cope with anger or anxiety related to frightening world events. To use the CARE system with kids, first remember that your own sense of calm is important— so make sure you are doing the CARE system yourself or whatever other tools are best for you. To adapt the CARE system for kids, break it down into smaller pieces and modify it for kids. Read full blog here!

Want to read more of Dr. Chloe's blogs? Just click the button below!









Confessions of a Former Serial Dater

One of my quotes:

"The headache and heartache come in when the serial dater is unwilling or unable to be honest about it... But most don’t realize what they’re doing. They might sincerely believe that they haven’t met the right person and be unaware that they have a fear of intimacy or use dating as some big source of validation or entertainment."

Read the full article.

Here's a simple, no-nonsense and easy meditation technique that'll reduce your COVID-19 anxiety

One of my quotes:

“Mindfulness mediation is one of the early steps of learning how to follow our thoughts... Once you have mindful awareness of what your thoughts are, you're able to observe them without reacting to them.”

Read the full article.

Expert advice for 6 kinds of anxious thoughts

One of my quotes:

"If you’re concerned you might miss something important—such as a major public-health advisory—appoint a friend in advance to give you a heads up. This can help create space for other priorities in your life."

Read the full article. How to handle 4 kinds of discouraging thoughts

One of my quotes:

"If you’re concerned you might miss something important—such as a major public-health advisory—appoint a friend in advance to give you a heads up. This can help create space for other priorities in your life."

Read the full article.

The 10 Key Elements That Define An Intimate Relationship, According To Experts

One of my quotes:

"The more we pull back the curtain and let people look a little deeper, even the parts that aren’t so perfect, that's where a lot of intimacy comes from."

Read the full article.

How a Couple’s Sex Life Changes When Trying to Get Pregnant

One of my quotes:

"It can be exciting if people are going about it with the right attitude. But after the first few times when you keep doing it, it can start to feel like a little bit more of a demand situation for both parties. And it can also seem as if you’re saying the purpose here is now just all about making a baby."

Read the full article.





By Cassie Shortsleeve




How to Get Out of Bed when Dealing with Anxiety

Is your anxiety particularly bad in the morning? Do you have trouble getting out of bed due to an ambush of worries and fears that rush into your head the moment you open your eyes? Many people struggle with getting their day off to a good start because of anxiety. You can take control of your anxiety—and your mornings—by implementing calming techniques while you’re still in bed. You can also get your day off on the right track by planning enjoyable activities and practicing good sleep hygiene the night before.

Read the full article.

How to Practice Gratitude

Although it may not always be easy, being thankful for the good things in your life can be a rewarding practice to pick up. Practicing gratitude has been shown to have real health benefits, boosting people's mood and their personal sense of well-being.[1] You can practice gratitude every day by adopting an attitude that is grateful and open. You can also actively practice and share gratitude with others, and with yourself. Practicing gratitude requires only your attention, and there are many simple methods that you can use to get started today.

Read the full article.

How to Calm Down When You are Angry

Are you prone to fits of rage? Have you been known to curse, kick at things, and scream obscenities while scaring away all of the people in your orbit? Do you suddenly feel your blood boiling when you're stuck in traffic, get some relatively minor bad news, or just hear something you don't want to hear? If so, then you need to find a way to manage your anger before it takes over your life. Dealing with chronic anger can be very difficult, so you need to learn strategies for calming yourself in the moment of anger and over time.

Read the full article.




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