Module 2

Set the Stage for Success

If you want to work with high functioning, intelligent clients who can afford to visit a private practice then you need to make sure your space is set up the right way. Have you ever had a new client come to see you once, never to return, and you weren’t sure why? It could have to do with the unconscious signals being sent by your office space! Would you like to get more referrals from existing clients? Clients are more likely to refer when they feel they’re sending their friends to a space that looks extremely professional yet warm and inviting. Dr. Chloe will teach you how to make sure your space is set for success. Even though she started her own practice with cheap furniture from Target in her early days, nobody could tell– because she knew how to create a space that worked. She’ll teach you how to bootstrap your way into a successful practice with a plan you can start right away, and with an organized “wish list” to fill as your practice grows in profit, just like Dr. Chloe’s! When you want to raise your fees, the setting in which you discuss this raise will definitely matter. Get Dr. Chloe’s personal advice on your own space, see her checklist for what every successful private practice office should have, and get started on your own office today! High functioning, private pay clients feel comfortable in a different setting than low-fee medicare clients. Is your space 100% on point? It is not just a matter of money- it is a matter of understanding the signals you’re sending. Make sure your space is properly configured to support your practice!

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