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The Path to Mindfulness

There's more to mindfulness than just meditating. Done properly, mindfulness builds a higher level of awareness to your day-to-day activities.

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May 28, 2020

In this episode, I delve into the deeper meaning of mindfulness and answer some common questions, for example, what exactly is mindfulness? How do you practice mindfulness? How is it any different from meditating? What are some situations where mindfulness can help me the most? And a whole lot more!

With my guest, high-functioning entrepreneur, and co-founder of Signal Insights, Taylor Trusty, we also tackle the topic of how mindfulness works for different kinds of people and mindfulness apps that sometimes gain mixed feedback from various users.

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The Path to Mindfulness Part 1: Mindful Awareness

Before I became a clinical psychologist I was a certified yoga teacher, so I have been studying mindfulness for years. The field of psychology has recently begun embracing the concept of mindfulness, and these days it’s common to hear the term being thrown around outside of mental health and wellness contexts. I consider mindfulness to be a crucial tool both inside and outside of therapy, but I find that many people don’t fully understand what it means and how to practice it. This series of blog posts will explain why I find mindfulness to be important, and how you can learn to use it to your benefit.

We use the term mindful in the dictionary sense to mean keeping something in our awareness. Examples would include being mindful of passing cars when crossing the street, or being mindful of stepping over the gap when getting on the subway.

When psychologists use the term mindfulness, we are referring to the tool that can be used to facilitate meta-awareness of the self. Practicing mindfulness meditations or mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral exercises helps us to observe our thoughts and feelings so that we can better manage and understand our needs. Read the full blog

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