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One Man, Two Companies: David Aferiat’s Passion for Business

David Aferiat started two companies, his first one, Trade Ideas, has a revenue of $11 million. Then in 2019, he started Avid Vines, how did he do it?

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December 20, 2021

I connected with David Aferiat through the Entrepreneurs' Organization. He currently owns 2 companies, the first one, Trade Ideas, he and two partners (friends from college) started in 2003 and had a revenue of $11 million in 2020. His second company is called Avid Vines, which he started in 2019. 

What prompted him to start not one but two companies? How did he cope managing them both? How did his new company cope with the pandemic so shortly after it just began? What is the secret of his success?

Tune in to learn more about David and his two companies, what they’re all about, and their beginnings!

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