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I hope you're enjoying a relaxing summer! If you're looking for ways to reduce stress, I have some exciting updates to share.

This month, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Beth Shaw, the founder of YogaFit Worldwide. 🧘‍♀️ As a former yoga instructor, I can confidently say that yoga is a fantastic way to de-stress. I also had an insightful conversation with mindbodygreen about how hormones affect our social energy, and collaborated on several wikiHow videos about relationships, which are key to maintaining a relaxed and balanced life. 🌿

For those seeking extra relaxation support, I have great news: Grayson is back! 🎉 Grayson has returned after some time off to care for her newborn baby boy. She specializes in attachment issues, so if this is an area you'd like to explore, click here to learn more.

Wishing you a peaceful and stress-free summer! 🌸


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist





Yes, Your Hormones Impact Your Social Battery

— Here's How (& What To Do)

Make America Healthy By Beth Shaw

All About Anxiety with Dr. Chloe Carmichael

Beth Shaw is the author of four best-selling books on health and wellness. A pioneer in the Wellness, Yoga & Fitness space in North America, Beth is the CEO and Founder of YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide Inc the global mind-body education school, YogaFit.


Dr. Chloe for wikiHow Expert Q&A


How Do You Build Trust In a Relationship?


What Are Red Flags In a Relationship?


Meet Grayson, Associate Therapist at Carmichael Psychology PLLC! 😊


Grayson Stadler, LCSW

Grayson is a licensed clinical social worker and associate therapist at Dr. Chloe Carmichael's practice. With a Master's from Columbia University, she's an engaging therapist known for her warm approach. Grayson emphasizes understanding oneself within relationships and fosters deep connections between clients and their emotions. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy to address anxiety and depression.

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