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Your work is complicated. Your anxiety management shouldn't be.

Dr. Chloe's Anxiety Toolbox!

Easy, efficient and effective tools for overcoming your anxiety.

Dr. Chloe Carmichael discussing Anxiety Tools

Nervous Energy book cover 3D

"If ‘high energy’ people learnt to harness their energy to go beyond reactive responses to modes of intuition, creativity, and emotional resilience, they would achieve even more. This book offers the tools they need.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra MD, FACP

Ernie Anastos Circle

"Dr. Chloe is really the best. She's one of the few people, in my opinion, that really understands completely how to connect with people in a very personal way... to change lives and make people feel comfortable about who they are; and give them guidance and direction."

Ernie Anastos
Author, Hall of Fame Broadcaster and Distinguished Emmy-Award Winning TV News Anchor

You manage your financials, you take care of your body, and you balance your complicated work environment...but do you manage your anxiety? 

Enter Anxiety Tools! Anxiety Tools provides you with immediate access to the tools you may get after investing years with a therapist. 


"Having a visual, combined with the accompanied narrative voice, helped reinforce key points/information in an interactive, creative way. Having a ‘picture’ or ‘snapshot’ of these exercises was a great idea. I felt like I was included in the experience. The narrative voice felt like a trusted, knowledgeable guide was walking alongside you."

Darcy Mentovai


“Thank you, Dr. Chloe, for making these tools available! I actually had a therapy appointment scheduled at your office that I was able to cancel because I learned the skills I needed just from using the online system. I love knowing I can call for support if I need it, but so far just learning the tools is enough!”

32, New York City

What is Anxiety Tools?

Uncomplicated and practical, Anxiety Tools gives you the skills to be in control of your anxiety.

Using some of the most powerful CBT techniques, Anxiety Tools will show you that your anxiety is a powerful force that you can manage!

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a proven way to beat anxiety. But not everyone has the time or resources to dedicate to weekly sessions with a therapist. Anxiety Tools is a quick, self-paced online course created by licensed psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael to help you manage your anxiety in an easy and flexible way. She will show you nine powerful anxiety techniques to channel your anxious energy into productivity, no matter the situation.

How it Works

Because we know you’re busy, our virtual course is self-paced. You can choose to complete the course in one sitting, or bit by bit, logging in from your phone, iPad, or computer anytime, anywhere, and all for only $99.

What you will learn


You will be able to apply all nine techniques from Dr. Chloe's book, Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety. The book has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra, and praised as a "game changer" by Jim McCann, the founder of 1-800-FLOWERS.



The Three-Part Breath

A cognitive-behavioral mindfulness technique for relaxation, focus, and metacognition.


GAD To Do List A.jpeg

 To-Do List with Emotions

Reconnect with the power of emotion to defeat procrastination and increase fulfillment around your to-do list.



Response Prevention

Help yourself to break out of entrenched habits that are holding you back.



 The Zone of Control

Stay focused on what matters by doing action steps around what is within your control, and avoid ruminating on what is beyond your control.



Mind Mapping

Discover the hidden cognitive-emotion connections around relationships, goals, and important life events to facilitate optimal self-care.



Thought Replacement

Once you've identified maladaptive thoughts, learn to override them with healthy thoughts that will serve you better.



Mental Shortlist

Help your wonderfully tenacious mind pivot away from dead-end topics that no longer serve you; and redirect your energy to more productive avenues.



Worry Time

Find balance between responding to concerns that cross your mind, and allowing yourself to experience the joy of a carefree day.



Anchoring Statements

Excellent for clients who experience sudden and strong bursts of insecurity, panic, or overwhelming anxiety.

Reasons to get Anxiety Tools

No nonsense

Anxiety Tools is simple, straightforward, and skills-based. Don’t spend time ‘sitting with your feelings,’ as you might at an in-person session; get straight to the tools that will actually help you lead a better life.


 Dr. Chloe is an experienced and successful psychologist. Frequently featured in national media, Dr. Chloe is the head of a successful practice on Park Ave in New York City, where people from all over the world join her virtually to reap the benefits of her positive and success-oriented approach to CBT. The tools included here are her most effective and most popular techniques.


Complete our program anytime and anywhere, with our self-paced and on-demand virtual course. Access our program anywhere where you have internet!


CBT has been shown to work for anxiety. We have hundreds of users that have experienced relief and successful management from our program. Our program is so successful that we’ve had clients cancel their in-person sessions because they were able to learn the skills they need virtually, through Anxiety Tools.


Complete our program anytime and anywhere, with our self-paced and on-demand virtual course. Access our program anywhere where you have internet!


A single therapy session can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 with an average therapist, and a session with Dr. Chloe costs even more. With Anxiety Tools, you receive the same techniques, packaged virtually for your convenience. Learn the tools in a month that may take you years to get from an in-person therapist, and at a much lower cost!

Start your journey towards conquering anxiety!

Anxiety Tools



Harness your nervous energy for more success and productivity!

Valid for 6 months

Self paced virtual course you can complete on your own time

Videos of all the techniques in Nervous Energy

Good for audio-visual learners

Optional homework

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