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Module 10


Many clinicians or coaches with excellent skills struggle to get full fee, private pay clients. Why? Because they’re unaware of how their social signals are getting in the way. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to pass muster, but you do need to understand that of course clients are “sizing you up” and they should be! Don’t you notice “the little things” that make certain people look professional, confident, and stand out? If you’re ready to “graduate” from low-fee clinic settings and start booking a high functioning private pay clientele, then do what high functioning people do when they have a big interview: review your professional image and strategically improve it. There is practically no one who couldn’t benefit from reviewing their professional image and making a few “tweaks” to ensure they’re sending the right social signals to attract, book, and retain high functioning clients. Remember, these clients are already capable of managing basic-to-medium business and social interactions. They’re seeking someone who can help them go to “the next level”, and the way you present yourself is often the way prospective clients will consciously or unconsciously gauge whether you are someone they can trust to help them navigate personal and professional situations where social skills matter. As someone who has worked with many Fortune 500 corporations as well as executives and trendy New York City singles, Dr. Chloe is happy to review the important signals therapists must consider in how they present themselves if they wish to attract, book, and retain an upscale, private pay clientele.


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