Module 5

Handling Upset Clients

High functioning clients can be picky and being picky isn’t always a bad thing– you probably know this intuitively because you’re a high functioning person yourself! So how do you handle it when a really great client expects “special treatment” when they need to cancel an appointment at the last minute due to an important business meeting, a sudden flu, or the myriad excuses that can and will arise with privileged and successful clients who are skilled at getting what they want? When you’re charging hefty fees, you can bet that intelligent clients who work hard for their big bank accounts will sometimes “kick up a fuss” even if you’ve spelled or your out your policies in advance. And what if you make a mistake? Or what if it’s unclear where the mistake lies? Or maybe you’re working with an entitled person or even celebrities who are just plain used to getting their way, and they feel upset by the idea of being treated “like everyone else”. Or what if they have technical difficulties for their video session and then don’t want to pay for the time since “there must have been a problem with your system” even though you’re sure the difficulty was on their end? You don’t want to alienate a client who may generate many thousands of dollars in annual revenue over a seemingly minor issue, but also don’t want to let them take advantage of their perception that you “need their business” or tie up your schedule without compensating you. Dr. Chloe tailored her policies over time as her practice grew. What’s right for someone starting out isn’t always right for someone whose schedule is already full. Dr. Chloe is there to help you navigate. Just think of her as your own personal “lifeline” when it comes to these tricky situations!

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