Module 3

Create an organized infrastructure

Have you ever wondered how to handle things like billing and reception? Would you like to have those professional services but you’re not sure how to afford them? Dr. Chloe will teach you the secrets to create a polished feeling to your practice, even on a shoestring budget! High functioning clients want concierge-like services to make booking a breeze. A great way to attract and book high functioning clients who can afford your private practice full fee is to have your practice run like a well oiled machine that makes life easy for busy professionals, which also lets you relax and focus on doing great therapy! Dr. Chloe gets compliments from clients all the time who say they were attracted to her practice partly just because of the wonderful way it’s organized. Don’t YOU always like to go see a doctor, massage therapist, or other professional whose office is organized in a manner that’s conducive to easy booking and payment? Well, so do high functioning clients! Learn how to make your office run like a million dollar practice, even if you’re just starting out— Dr. Chloe can show you how! Not only has she personally created a million dollar practice, but her husband is a graduate of Harvard Business School, so she was able to get plenty of top notch business advice that she’s now going to share with you! Many therapists make the mistake of being “old school” (read: archaic) by doing absolutely nothing to make it easy for clients to book, pay, get information about fees, talk to a live person if they have a last minute scheduling issue, etc. This is an old “ivory tower” habit that has left many therapists behind in terms of business… oh well, their loss can be your gain! Your professors in graduate school were not 100% focused on their practice because they were teaching class, so maybe they didn’t mind not getting many new inquiries from potential clients- but if you want to grow your practice with full fee clients, you need to know how to provide a great client experience that shows you realize you’re serving an upscale clientele whose time is precious!

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