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Why Should You Choose Carmichael Psychology?

You’re seeking true expertise: Dr. Chloe’s gold standard academic and professional credentials reflect specialized knowledge and expertise that help discriminating clients to build trust and feel at ease.  Dr. Chloe and her team’s energetic, compassionate, goal-oriented approach make Carmichael Psychology a great fit for clients who want an intelligent, professional approach to facilitate high quality results.  Many clients feel their time is their most precious resource; this prompts them to seek top notch advice or support from established experts like Dr. Chloe or professionals working under her direction.

You’re busy: Carmichael Psychology understands that you don’t have time to play phone tag with a therapy office just to get basic information.  We have three dedicated full time receptionists who answer your calls or emails seven days per week with hours ranging from 6:30am-9:00pm EDT.  Our receptionists get performance bonuses and recognize that their work is essential to ensuring that the “admin” of a therapy or coaching visit doesn’t become a stress to you.  We offer online booking as well as phone or email assistance from truly amazing receptionists who will actually learn your name and be glad when you call.

You like service: Carmichael Psychology provides a concierge-like services to check your insurance benefits, file your claims, and liaise directly with your insurance company whenever possible so that you’re not stuck dealing with paperwork.  Many clients pay privately, but many clients also like to ensure they make good use of their out-of-network insurance benefits.  We manage this process as much as possible, and we offer cloud-based payments so that you can focus on what matters: de-stressing, building relationships, meeting goals, feeling your best, or whatever your therapy and coaching goals are!

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