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January 2019 Newsletter


Happy 2019! Can't believe we're already into late January-- time flies! Here are the highlights of this month's newsletter:

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Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD
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How to drink moderately? Follow these tips from Mindfulness Meditation for Moderate Drinking Enjoyment!

How to Drink Moderately - Dr Chloe Carmichael

New York City is a city that loves to drink. We meet friends for happy hours, we eat at business dinners where a sommelier serves amazing wine, we go to trendy lounges that serve artisanal cocktails, we attend networking events with open bars,...

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New Year, New Goals! Here's a 5-step foolproof plan that allows you to achieve your goals.

The 5-Step Plan to Achieving Any Goal - Dr Chloe Carmichael

Have you ever vouched to do something - whether it's as small as crossing an item off your weekend to-do list or as big as a career change - and then procrastinated for so long you never got around to it?

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Latest quotes and tips on family, stress, dating & relationships!

Ronnie and Jen from 'Jersey Shore' keep getting back together — a relationship expert unpacks why

One of my quotes:
"When you just take that steadfast commitment and apply it to an unhealthy relationship, that’s where it can become a vulnerability."

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Why we sometimes keep going back to abusive relationships- the principal of "sunk costs"

One of my quotes:
"Sometimes, the more dramatic and bizarre, inappropriate behavior we have tolerated from someone, we sometimes ironically feel more committed to work things out."

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How to destress when you're around family all day & not used to it, according to experts

One of my quotes:
"Some people find coming home from a family trip to be a depleting experience, so sometimes knowing that in advance you’ve planned out something fun for yourself with your friends or more natural communities can help you recenter yourself."

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Dr. Chloe's 10 Commandments of Dating is now on Amazon Prime Videos!

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Simply say "Alexa, read Dr. Chloe's 10 Commandments of Dating."

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