The Relationships Group



The Relationships Group will give extra support for clients who are working with issues related to romantic relationships. The Relationships Group is perfect for clients who:

  • Are single and wishing for a relationship
  • Need support in leaving an unhealthy relationship
  • Have recently ended a relationship
  • Are starting a relationship and want to make sure they don’t lapse into old patterns.
  • Basically, anyone with a relationship issue is welcome!

Groups are a wonderful way to get feedback from your peers, and reduce feelings of loneliness or that you are ‘the only one’ who is dealing with certain issues.  Watching other group members make progress is empowering because it helps you see that you can get there too.  Having the group there to celebrate your ‘ups’ and help you make sense of your ‘downs’ is another way that clients benefit from The Relationships Group.


The group meets for approximately one hour.  Please understand that you must have a reservation in order to attend.

The group isn’t running now but will run in the future when a minimum of 4 people agree on the same schedule. If you would like to share your availability and be contacted when the group starts, please complete the survey.


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