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Exiting Therapists & "Stealing Clients"

Protect your practice and your team with our expert guidance on therapist exits and non-competes.

Practice owners: Protect your practice by implementing the Carmichael Transition Assistance Program (CTAP). This unique program creates a roadmap for exiting therapists who would like to "take clients with them".


It creates the opportunity for them to see the clients at their new private practice but all of the billing (and appropriate profits) stay with the original practice owner until the exiting therapist's non-compete has ended.


This breakthrough program has saved thousands of dollars and endless headaches, while creating a much smoother process that tends to be embraced by everyone from the practice owner, to the exiting therapist, and (perhaps most importantly) the clients themselves.


"Dr Chloe's CTAP program has been a tremendous resource. Since introducing her CTAP program at my practice, it has offered benefits to both the clinical and professional relationships within my practice."

Dr. Judith Zackson, PhD

  • Exiting Therapists & "Stealing Clients"

    Valid for 6 months
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Therapy Practice Owners Special

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