Therapy and Coaching for Singles

Dr. Chloe has worked successfully with single men and women who are searching for a partner. Common issues include struggling with a breakup, trying to begin dating more, or learning how to set boundaries. These issues are normal. Having a fulfilling romantic relationship is an extremely healthy and rewarding part of life. If you are experiencing challenges here, please don’t be hard on yourself.Sessions for singles will focus on defining the type of relationship you want, as well as discussing strategies to obtain it. Sessions will also help you to understand insecurities or old patterns that seem to be holding you back, and help you to move forward.

Congratulate yourself for recognizing that you have the normal and healthy wish to be in a partnership, and give yourself the support you need to make it happen. Working with Dr. Chloe will help you to gain perspective and build confidence in a supportive atmosphere so that you can move forward in your search for a partner. Dr. Chloe offers therapy and coaching for singles by Skype or in Manhattan, NYC.  To read more about Dr. Chloe and singles, click here for her blog entry on singles.

Dr. Chloe also has 14 days of FREE Dating tips, a series that is meant to help you make your dating life more enjoyable.

Dr. Chloe has a great deal of experience helping clients to get over breakups. Working through a breakup involves getting through the immediate sadness and disappointment, as well as developing an understanding of any relationship patterns that might have contributed to the breakup. Dr. Chloe will help you to work through the breakup in a way that prepares you to move forward in dating so that you can find a relationship that will last.  To learn more, see

Couples Counseling

Dr. Chloe and her associates offer a dynamic, results-oriented approach for couples. In a supportive environment, couples are often pleasantly surprised at how much better they can communicate their thoughts and feelings. Two people become a couple because there is something special between them, and the options below are designed to help you reconnect with what brought you together in the first place. Dr. Chloe also works with couples experiencing fertility issues- click here for tips on fertility stress.


Who Benefits from Couples Counseling?
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