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Yoga: The Secret Workout of Highly Successful People

What do LeBron James, Ariana Huffington, and Gwyneth Paltrow all have in common?

They’ve dreamed, believed, and achieved, and they all practice something that I’m certain has an impact on their ongoing success: yoga.

Yoga sometimes gets overlooked because it seems too fluffy and vague of a workout to get you real results. But yoga isn’t just a workout — it’s an incredible way to work on yourself, inside and out.

Why the World’s Most Successful People Practice Yoga

Think about it. When was the last time you went to the gym and actually focused on what you were doing? Like most people, you probably go on autopilot the moment you hit the treadmill or weights, whether your choice of distraction is TV or your favorite playlist.

With yoga, instead of tuning out the workout until it’s over, you tune in. You focus on yourself. You learn techniques that consciously and deliberately direct the mind toward a goal.And in the process, you build confidence, willpower, inner strength, and clarity of mind. These things are the keys to success in any situation, whether it’s connecting with your authenticity at a networking event, meeting stressful deadlines, or surviving heartbreak. That’s why yoga becomes a way of life for many successful people.

Yoga and the Fear of Weakness

Some people wonder if yoga will slow them down and make them less competitive. They’re afraid that if they slow down and become peaceful, and calm, they’ll lose their edge — that very thing that got them this far to begin with. Plus, other people might perceive them as weak or less competitive, they think.

This is a myth. Yoga doesn’t slow you down from everything you want to do — it grounds you internally so you can perform better. In fact, recent research has shown that yoga dispels anxiety, helps you perform better in social situations, and enables you to think and learn faster.

In other words, it makes you a more effective version of yourself — one that beats the odds against stress, one that sees people and obstacles more clearly, one that knows how to focus the mind toward each and every important goal. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already an achiever, and yoga will help you take your skills, drive, and clarity of purpose to the next level.

Commit to Giving Yoga Another Try This Year

As both a clinical psychologist and a certified yoga instructor, I can testify to the life-changing effects of yoga firsthand. After years of being a yoga instructor, yoga helped give me the wherewithal to achieve my second and third dreams — getting my Ph.D. in clinical psychology and opening my own practice. I know it can do the same things for you.

Because developing people from the inside out is my passion, I am committed to seeing you through it, and I’ve designed a class that combines my psychology expertise with my yoga and meditation knowledge. I invite you to try it next time the class runs!

Whether it’s with me or someone else, I highly recommend yoga, no matter what your experience has been with it in the past. Invest in yourself today, and reap the benefits forever.


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