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Mindful Shopping: Get what you really want.

Dr. Chloe at FOX5 discussing shopping addiction Whether it’s the holidays, birthdays, fashion week, or just everyday life, we can all become victims of the shopping bug: there’s always something new and exciting to buy.  But while great stuff is… well… great, we also know that a healthy savings account feels pretty great too– and […]

Mindfulness: Your Secret Business Weapon

As a clinical psychologist and former yoga teacher who works with driven business people, I want to clarify a common myth that mindfulness is mainly about relaxation and “being present”. Relaxation and feeling fully present are certainly positive components of mindfulness practice, but mindfulness can also be used to increase your insight and awareness around […]

What Does Your Tax Style Say About You?

When April comes around, doing our taxes inevitably follows. As someone that works with many individuals planning for their financial future and security, I often find that during times of stress we can forget the purpose behind our actions. Although we all celebrate a salary raise or a successful new business venture, we don’t always […]

Problems In Your Business Partnership? Here’s What To Do

Shutterstock   When business partnerships form, positive feelings like trust and respect are high, and there’s a general agreement regarding roles and direction. However, you may later find that trust wanes. Maybe your partner seems to be focusing more on their own interests rather than what’s best for the business, or you find yourself simmering […]