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August 2019 Newsletter


Amazingly, summer is coming to a close... it always goes too fast for me!

It's been a very busy summer here-- lots of writing and quotes with outlets like The New York Post, Women's Health, WikiHow, and Artsy (links below!).... plus I received the edits from my book for Macmillan Publishers on high functioning people (can't WAIT for that book to hit the shelves in January 2021!).

Now that summer is nearly over, it's time to start thinking about our "back to school" energy. Even though most of us are no longer in school, the end of summer is still a great time to give ourselves a little "syllabus" for the autumn. What's on your personal syllabus for the fall? What would you like to learn or accomplish? If it's mindfulness skills or decision making skills, please check out my blogs at the bottom of this newsletter, or the other articles below where I'm quoted with helpful tip on a variety of subjects related to personal and professional goals.

Feel free to hit reply on this newsletter and let me know what's on YOUR list of things to do/learn this autumn, or just make a list for yourself to keep handy-- taking a few minutes to outline your goals will keep you focused and organized for the season ahead! 

Thanks for reading... and if you have any suggestions for future issues please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, have a wonderful Autumn 2019!


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

New Recurring Column in Women's Health: #AskDrChloe

Check out this Ask Dr. Chloe column on the Women's Health Magazine website where I offer advice on relationships, wellness, stress, and goals. Even though the magazine is called "Women's Health", guys can totally ask questions too! If you'd like to ask a question, please Tweet @drchloe_ and use the hashtag #AskDrChloe. See below for this month's column!

Ask Dr. Chloe: What Should I Do If I Find Myself In A Rebound Relationship?
If you're surprised you've found yourself wondering if you're in a rebound relationship as an adult—not a high schooler surrounded by hallway whispers—well, don't be. Rebound relationships are a common occurrence in dating at any age, and they're not necessarily a bad thing.

Seriously! If you think about it in basketball terms, a rebound—you know, where you take an immediate second shot at the basket after missing it initially—is a skill that teams actively seek.

Read full article.

New York Post on
stress, work, and relationships!

Online dating is hell on earth for middle-aged and senior singles

One of my quotes
“It’s almost like going through adolescence again... You’re suddenly entering a world of dating where you’re not confident about the norms and you’re at a new stage in life.”

Read the full article.
Workplace: How to tell if you’re officially burned out

One of my quotes
“Consider putting firm boundaries around your working schedule... This may help you to focus more while you’re at the office... If you’re truly at a dead-end job [with people who] won’t work for you to help resolve what’s blocking you, it’s best to find a new job.”

Read the full article.
Dating experts offer tips for lovelorn singles over 50

One of my quotes
Psychologist Chloe Carmichael recommends that people be open to dating those who are as much as five years their senior. That way, she says, you can greatly expand your dating pool without creating major age gaps.

Read the full article.

What Does an Artist Coach Do?

One of my quotes
“Artists tend to have a love-hate relationship with whatever it is about themselves that they’re seeking help with, ... almost superstitiously attached to that sensitivity or vulnerability. They feel that it’s the source of the raw material that gets expressed through their art.”

Read the full article.

12 Must-Follow Rules For Getting Back Together With An Ex

One of my quotes
"It's perfectly normal and okay to have old wounds, but you need to be able to talk about them calmly and respectfully together to avoid an unhealthy cycle of criticism."

Read the full article.

Dr. Chloe for wikiHow!

How to Avoid Looking Desperate
It is common to feel desperate when we are vulnerable. Perhaps you have just broken up from a long-term relationship, or have had a major life change. Whatever the reason, you want to avoid desperate behavior and project self-confidence.

Read the full article.
How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress
Everyone suffers some form of stress or anxiety during their lifetime. The only difference is the frequency and severity of their episodes. If you find that these anxiety episodes are seriously affecting your life to the point of debilitation, seek professional help. If, however, you suffer from more mild to moderate stress and anxiety, you can practice how to cope with a single incident at a time. Adjusting your mindset for a more positive outlook on life will also help combat stress and anxiety, as will maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Read the full article.
How to Be Influential
Influential people are more likely to be heard and respected, and can effect action and change more readily than others. Influence can be a result of wealth, status, or celebrity, but it’s also a power you can build through everyday action, hard work, networking, and reciprocity. With dedication and focus, you can learn how to be a more influential person.

Read the full article.

Dr. Chloe's Podcast

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In case you missed it...

Latest blogs on Mindfulness as a Business Tool, and Decision Making Skills!

Mindfulness: Your Secret Business Weapon As a clinical psychologist and former yoga teacher who works with driven business people, I want to clarify a common myth that mindfulness is mainly about relaxation and “being present”. Relaxation and feeling fully present are certainly positive components of mindfulness practice, but mindfulness can also be used to increase your insight and awareness around one of your most valuable business assets: your thoughts. Continue Reading...

How to Make a Hard Decision Do you sometimes get stuck on decision making? While it’s great to have options, there is a hidden burden: the responsibility of actually making a choice! Whether you’re trying to choose between two jobs, two romances, or even two vacation destinations, it’s normal to realize that there are great qualities about both options– and this can make it hard to decide. As a clinical psychologist, I can assure you that thinking carefully make sense up to a certain point, but taking too long on any one particular decision can lead to fatigue, frustration, and poor decisions. Continue Reading...

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