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April 2019 Newsletter


Wow, time flies! Can't believe we're within 24 hours of tax deadlines. While taxes may not seem like a "feel good topic", they do offer an important moment to think about our attitudes towards money, and our relationships around money. If this interests you, check out my blog on taxes.

Speaking of money, are you interested in making more of it? Possibly through starting or polishing your own business? If yes, then check out my new 1-hour video on entrepreneurship. You can get 50% off with the promo code TRY.

Spring is a great time to grow and try new things. Whether you want to revamp your relationship with money, consider a business idea, or expand your horizons in dating, I have tips and ideas to help. Feel free to hit "reply" on this newsletter and tell me what YOUR spring plans include!


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Feeling stressed and anxious this tax season? Here are some tips to keep you stress-free!

What Does Your Tax Style Say About You? - Dr Chloe...

When April comes around, doing our taxes inevitably follows. As someone that works with many individuals planning for their financial future and security, I often find that during times of stress we can forget the purpose behind our actions.

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Dr. Chloe in the news!

Elizabeth Holmes Displayed Paranoid Behavior At Theranos, Experts Say

One of my quotes:
“When you’re experiencing paranoia, you assume other people are being aggressive, and it makes it easy to justify your own aggressive and hostile behavior toward them.”

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Are you an entrepreneur? Then this is for you!

This one-hour video includes tips for entrepreneurs from a psychology standpoint. Topics include staying motivated, using an assistant effectively, managing setbacks, not taking challenges too personally while still connecting with your business on a personal level, successfully navigating family dynamics in entrepreneurship, and the process of sorting through potential business coaches and therapists.

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